Krua Apsorn

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So we were talking about walking like royals at The Grand Palace right? Now it's time to feast like one! 👸🏽 This 2-decade restaurant is headed by a chef who once cooked for the royal family. Now his family runs Krua Apsorn! Their crab pancakes are sooo good, Michelin acknowledged it. 🤯 Can't leave Bangkok without eating here!


Open today: 10:30-20:00

169 Dinso Rd, บวรนิเวศ, Khet Phra Nakhon, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10200, Thailand


Comments (30)

Angela Maulawin  5 months ago

@kaylie08 not all the "popular" places have a story like this :)

Angela Maulawin  5 months ago

@amihan now that's something!

Angela Maulawin  5 months ago

@nayou1 s a m e

Angela Maulawin  5 months ago

@ekalamosus that's a must in every trip! You have to taste it all 🤤

Angela Maulawin  5 months ago

@sarahglang a NEED!

Angela Maulawin  5 months ago

@lalaland24 awww thanks so much!

Kaylie  5 months ago

I love how you included this in your list. :)

Amihan  5 months ago

My mom went here 3 times already and she said the quality never changes

Na You  5 months ago

I love crab pancakes

Rpd Aries  5 months ago

I guess I have to allocate more money for food because i'm gonna pig out here

John Delu  5 months ago

More food!!!!

Lala  5 months ago

I love your list! It's well-written. Now I want to go to Bangkok. :)

Angela Maulawin  5 months ago

@pongdelicious ahhh I'm too hyped for this! NEED to try it 😭

Elalaine Deluria  5 months ago

@snacklord I also heard their crab pancakes were to die for 🤤🤤🤤

Angela Maulawin  5 months ago

@pongdelicious hardcore same!!! I'm dying to taste their crab pancakes huhu

Elalaine Deluria  5 months ago

This looks perfect because i'm a sea food fan!

Angela Maulawin  5 months ago

@moanaloaaa food triiiip

Mo   5 months ago

@snacklord 💗🤣

Angela Maulawin  5 months ago

@acmau22 I've tried crab pancakes here in the Philippines but I wonder how the authentic ones taste like 🤤

Angela Maulawin  5 months ago

@moanaloaaa I bet to that also! 😂

Angeline C. Maulawin  5 months ago

Crab pancake a must when you're in Bangkok.

Mo   5 months ago

besides shopping, i bet most of my money will go to food! 😝

Angela Maulawin  6 months ago

@ardeetuazon let's just bring ur medicine. Rock and roll

Darwin Tuazon  6 months ago

Allergic to crab but might make an exception if its at this placee 🥺

Angela Maulawin  6 months ago

@paolo420 PAD THAAAAAI 🍜

Angela Maulawin  6 months ago

@suntanline I agree 100%!!

Robert Paolo C. Deluria  6 months ago

I am all in for thai food!!! 🍲🍜🤤

Patricia Deluria  6 months ago

Bangkok is never complete without GOOD FOOD!

Angela Maulawin  6 months ago

@cheryl right? Makes me want to book a flight or win something you know 😉 haha!

Cheryl Ng  6 months ago

Sounds amazing!

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