Jim Thompson House

พิพิธภัณฑ์​บ้าน จิม ทอมป์สัน

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Wishlisted by Patricia Celso

"Little Patricia tells a story, Jim Thompson's gallery, Reveals Thai Silk Industry. Where to be, where could she be? She said -- I wanna go to Jim Thompson Museum, Hopefully, I mu-see you-m soon." One of the most interesting ventures I came accross as a history nazzi was the time I learned about the Silk Road. It embodies human history and the rise of cultural trade. It was the beginning of economic transformation between different civilizations. But more than that, silk road narrates not just triumph, but the fiascos and decline of some civilizations and cultures that is weaved within the history. Hence, reminiscing this leads me to my wanderlust to explore Jim Thompson's House and Museum. Thailand is a home for silk industry. Not many may have known, but Thailand boasts a culture that is intricate with the use of Thai silk in weaving. History speaks that there is an endless cultural contact in Thailand because they produce quality silk -- that even Chinese silk became better because of their influence through the Thai Silk Road. From the past centuries, the image of Thailand represents silk textiles that unfolds the identity of their ethnic communities and meticulous cultural art. However, the past also leaves a residue of its sorrows as a home for silk industry. In the 1950's Thailand experienced a cultural decline from their Thai Silk Industry. The country was at the edge of losing their roots. But, because of Jim Thompson, who found his ways to innovate, Thai Silk Industry rose again. From hand weavings, Thompson helped in upgrading looms and machines. If not because of him, the valuable culture of the Thai ethnic communities and the rest of the country might have just died. And if there's one hidden treasure to unfold, that is to have a first-hand experience of how Thompson combined history and contemporary designs which extends to Thailand's success. Thus, visiting Jim Thompson's House and Museum is like digging a treasure untold while getting to know Jim Thompson well as the "Thai Silk King". Getting there would also meam a free-ride to Thailand's roller coaster of Silk Industry - from its fiascos to triumphs. All the more, tourists can enjoy the architectural design of each houses built with in the range of the museum. That's why, Jim Thompson House and Museum, mu-SEE YOU-m soon!

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6 Soi Kasemsan 2, Rama 1 Road, Bangkok, Thailand

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