Damnoen Floating Market

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Arguably the most famous market of its kind, the Damnoen Floating Market is open on all days of the week and starts operations as early as 7AM then closes shops as late as 5PM. The boats run across the Khlong Damnoen Saduak, the longest and straightest canal in all of Thailand. It would be best to visit this site on an empty stomach as you would find a plethora of unique bites to get you going! Some of the most popular foods that you can't leave without trying are the boat noodles and coconut rice cakes!


Tha Nat, Damnoen Saduak District, Ratchaburi 70130, Thailand

Comments (28)

Isa  5 months ago

I’d like to visit someday!

Donita Tagao  5 months ago

Hope to experience this soon!!

Fame Javier  5 months ago

Would love to try this but I think it's a little bit expensive???

kath manzano  5 months ago

been wanting to try this! 💓

Gus  5 months ago


Khiara  5 months ago

Been wanting to try thisssss

ker  5 months ago

Want to go hereee ❤️

Carlos Franco  5 months ago

This is where they usually shoot action scenes in movies. Robert Patrick, here I come.

Kathlyn Tiu  5 months ago

Really curious to try this!

Philip Tañedo  5 months ago

Food Central😋😋😋

Chesca Pascual  5 months ago

Such an interesting place

Rain Hosmillo  5 months ago

Fresh food! 😋

aying  5 months ago

this is the reason why im going to bangkok😂

Yeen Vesl  5 months ago

thanks for the rec!! need to add this

Arrah  5 months ago

On my list!!

neth emeline  5 months ago

i wanna experience this!!! like for realsies

tomas  5 months ago

Boat noodles 10/10!!!

Tommy Yu  5 months ago

I’m kinda scared to go on this one. I might fall off haha

Justine  5 months ago

😍😍😍 the coconut icecream

gracej  5 months ago


rouel  5 months ago

Scary but rewarding

Rolliette  5 months ago

I’ve never been into something like this yet, I think I really have to wander soon LOL

Nicole Yu  6 months ago

@sneakyynikki probably summer time? So anytime between March to June! Their rainy season starts in July (same w the PH) if im not mistaken!!

Nikki S.A.  6 months ago

I wanted to go here the last time we went!! What month would you say is best to visit this place? 🤔

Nicole Yu  6 months ago

@totoboy samedt

Tommy Yu  6 months ago

This has always been the top of my list in visiting Thailand!

Nicole Yu  6 months ago

@shannenkeisha mango sticky rice ftw!!!

Shannen  6 months ago

I agree! The sticky rice with mango is a great find there!

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