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Silang, Olongapo, San Jose

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Punta Fuego Beach Club

Silang, Philippines • Recommendation • 21 days ago

-Private Resort, Membership Needed- A cozy resort tucked away in the middle of Batangas, Punta Fuego is a perfect getaway around 3-4 hours away from the city. Besides the nearby beaches and swimming pool, the club also offers other facilities such as a beautiful stay at a Casita with jaw dropping scenery, tennis courts, an indoor kiddie playground/game room, a spa (with the best massages!), and even function rooms available for weddings, company outings and other events.


Nasugbu, Batangas, Philippines

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Montemar Beach

Olongapo, Philippines • Recommendation • 18 days ago

-Private Resort, Membership Needed- Montemar Beach Club is one of the best family beach trips you could ever experience. Extremely kid-friendly, the Club has a variety of family activities and facilities such as a swimming pool, playground, tree house, Pawikan (baby sea turtle) Hatchery and Conservatory other sports/recreational activities. However, I think what I loved most about Montemar is the beach. The sand is extremely fine and the crystal clear water remains kind of shallow for quite a distance from the shore. I found this to be perfect for my kid since he enjoyed going far away from the shore and yet I didn’t have to worry about the depths of the sea. 😊 Besides the actual beach in itself, since Montemar also has a Pawikan Hatchery and Conservatory, during season, they can let you set these free for a minimal fee! Definitely worth it and of course, my kid LOVED it! 🐢💛 Overall, the accommodations and food were good, but it really was the experiences at the beach that made it so memorable. 20/10 recommend, especially to those with families!

Montemar Beach, Bagac, Philippines

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Coron Island

San Jose, Philippines • Recommendation • 12 days ago

My highest island recommendation! Literally the most breathtaking beach trip I’ve ever gone to — and I’m not even a beach person! 🤷🏻‍♀️ The crystal clear seafoam green waters are just an absolute marvel! Probably my favorite memory of the trip 🌊 Easily dive into it and you’ll be able to appreciate corals, fishes and other marine animals down there. But be careful of the sea urchins! ⚠️There were quite a lot and as per our tour guides, one prick is considered lethal enough! Our group took a bunch of local tours that was already packaged by our hotel. Our package included: 1. Island hopping inclusive of freshly caught lunch on an island (fresh meaning: just caught on our way to the island!) 2. Underwater sight seeing of an old sunken WW2 ship 3. Snorkeling to see the corals and other fishes 4. Kayangan Lake - fresh water fun! You can even ride a small raft across the lake. 5. Mt. Tapyas - if you’re willing to climb 700+ steps to see the beautiful view of Coron, why not! 6. Blue Lagoon - the water was just magical! The best view there is of the seafoam green waters! Overall, I highly recommend Coron! ⭐️

Coron Island, Palawan, Philippines

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