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The Mystery of Fibonacci


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Updated 10 months ago

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Bejaia, Algeria • Wishlist • 10 months ago

Fibonacci was born into a wealthy Pisan family, the son of a merchant who was stationed at a trading post in North Africa, modern day Algeria. It was here that Fibonacci was introduced to the Indian Arabic numerals while Europe were still mostly using Roman numerals

Béjaïa, Algeria

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Florence National Central Library

Florence, Italy • Wishlist • 10 months ago

The Florence National Central Library holds a copy of the revolutionary book Liber Abaci, in which Italian mathematician Fibonacci in 1202 introduced the Western world into the Indian-Arabic numeral system. In a later chapter he also shows what we now now as the Fibonacci sequence via a story about breeding rabbits.


Piazza dei Cavalleggeri, 1, 50122 Firenze FI, Italy

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Mole Antonelliana

Turin, Italy • Memory • 10 months ago

Home of Italy’s national museum of cinema and the tallest museum in the world at 167m tall. The dome is illuminated with the Fibonacci numbers at night

10124 Turin, Metropolitan City of Turin, Italy

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Eden Project

Plymouth, United Kingdom • Wishlist •

One of the UK’s top tourist attractions, the Eden projects hosts multiple biomes with different plant ecosystems. Many of the buildings too are inspired by the mathematical patterns in nature. The roof of the education building The Core is inspired by Phyllotaxis, the arrangement of leaves on a plant stem. The angle between successive leaves is typically equal to a ratio of two successive Fibonacci numbers.


Bodelva, Cornwall, United Kingdom

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Magazzino Bar Ristorante

Gothenburg, Sweden • Wishlist • 10 months ago

As tipped off by @asundgren the exterior of this Italian restaurant in Gothenburg shows the Fibonacci sequence. Unusually it starts one term early at 0.


Magasinsgatan 3, 411 18 Göteborg, Sweden

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