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The Colleges of Cambridge


Almost certainly better than Oxford.

Updated 10 months ago

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Downing College

Cambridge, United Kingdom • Memory • a year ago

In my completely unbiased opinion, the best college in Cambridge. Gravel paths encircle “The Paddock”, a large grassy area surrounded on three sides by neoclassical buildings. Student legend has it that Trinity College bribe Downing not to complete the 4th side to avoid Trinity Great Court losing its position as the University’s largest quad. John Cleese of Monty Python fame studied here and it is said he thought of the idea for the Ministry of Silly Walks while watching students dodge puddles on the paths.


Regent Street, Cambridge, United Kingdom

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Mathematical Bridge

Cambridge, United Kingdom • Memory • a year ago

Supposedly designed by Isaac Newton, and located at Queens College. It was designed without any nails, but after the college disassembled it to understand how it was put together, they couldn’t figure out how to put it back again...

Queen's College, Cambridge, United Kingdom

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Parker's Piece

Cambridge, United Kingdom • Memory • a year ago

A pleasant park. The lamppost in the center is known as Reality Checkpoint and marks the unofficial divide between Gown (university) and Town. Head north west for sightseeing, head south east for good food on Mill Road.


Parkside, Cambridge, England, United Kingdom

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Great St. Mary's Church

Cambridge, United Kingdom • Wishlist • a year ago

Listen to the chimes of the clock at the university church built around 1500. Sound familiar? Actually Big Ben copied the chimes from St Mary’s, not the other way around.


Senate House Hill, Cambridge, United Kingdom

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Trinity College Cambridge

Cambridge, United Kingdom • Wishlist •


Cambridge, United Kingdom

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Cambridge University Botanic Gardens

Cambridge, United Kingdom • Memory • a year ago

A lovely area to wander, in summer there are often open air concerts here.


1 Brookside, Cambridge, England, United Kingdom

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Scudamore's Quayside Punt Hire

Cambridge, United Kingdom • Memory • a year ago

Nothing is more quintessentially Cambridge than punting along the river. You use a long wooden pole to propel your flat bottomed boat along the river. You have great views of the Backs of the colleges on the way. Pack a bottle of champagne and try not to fall in.


Magdalene Bridge, Cambridge, England, United Kingdom

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King's College Chapel

Cambridge, United Kingdom • Memory • a year ago

This is what you see on all the postcards of Cambridge and with good reason. A stunningly beautiful church. Fun fact, the famous Carols from King’s College is actually filmed much earlier in the year, with the audience dressing up in their Christmas attire to add to the illusion!


King's Parade, Cambridge, United Kingdom

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Fudge Kitchen

Cambridge, United Kingdom • Memory • a year ago

If you are walking down Kings Parade you are certain to be offered a free sample from Fudge Kitchen. Bring a selection of disguises and you can keep walking past many times during the day eating more and more delicious fudge.


11 King's Parade, Cambridge, United Kingdom

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The Eagle

Cambridge, United Kingdom • Memory • a year ago

In 1953 Francis Crick and James Watson announced the discovery of the double helix structure of DNA in this very pub. There’s a nice beer garden where you too can plan your next groundbreaking scientific discovery over a pint or 3.


8 Benet Street, Cambridge, England, United Kingdom

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The Corpus Clock

Cambridge, United Kingdom • Wishlist • 10 months ago

While most things in Cambridge are at least a few centuries old, this curious clock was only unveiled in 2018 at Corpus Christi college. It features a strange insectoid called the Chronophage (“time eater”) which eats the seconds as they pass. A pendulum judders and lights flicker erratically to show the irregularity of life.

Taylor Library - Corpus Christi College, Trumpington Street corner Bene't Street, Cambridge, United Kingdom

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