Royal Flush: The Worlds Best Toilets


Public toilets don’t always have the best reputation. But around the world, some architects have tried to make a splash with their designs, and these facilities are nothing to poo-poo at! Let’s see what toilets have made number 1 and number 2 on our list.

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Hundertwasser Public Toilets

North Shore, New Zealand • Memory • a month ago

Famed Austrian architect Friedensreich Hundertwasser lived in the small New Zealand town of Kawakawa for the last 25 years of his life. He conceived this toilet block using his signature architectural styles: wavy lines, irregular ceramic tiles and colored glass. The toilets are the main draw for tourists in Kawakawa and well worth a visit!

Gillies St, Kawakawa 0210, New Zealand

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Lulea, Sweden • Wishlist • a month ago

Is this the worlds most beautiful public toilet? Set on the top of a fjord on Norway’s west coast, the wave shaped building, beautifully lit at night, has views of the Norwegian Sea. The building was designed by Oslo architects MJ Haugen and Dan Zohar.

Fv17 310, 8145 Storvik, Norway

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John Michael Kohler Arts Center

Milwaukee, United States • Wishlist • a month ago

Should you be in Sheboygan Wisconsin and have a love of art you must visit the John Michael Koehler Arts center. The artwork doesn’t stop at the ten galleries though, the bathrooms are home to a number of artist inspired urinals and toilets. The Sheboygan Men’s Room piece by Ann Agee is inspired by the cobalt blue of Delft and Staffordshire ceramics.


608 New York Ave, Sheboygan, WI 53081, USA

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Meixin Foreigner Street

Chongqing, China, People's Republic • Wishlist • a month ago

This amusement park in Chongqing is inspired by different countries of the world. It’s home to the Porcelain Palace, the world largest public toilet complex with over 1000 toilets. The facades are inspired by ancient Egyptians art as well as Antoni Gaudi.

China, Chongqing Shi, Nanan Qu, Nanbin E Rd, 6号附3号

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Akashi, Japan • Wishlist • a month ago

This small cafe called Hipopo Papa in Akashi Japan has a surprise in the ladies toilet: it’s surrounded on three sides by an aquarium! Costing over $250,000 you can admire the aquatic wildlife while you sit on the throne.


60 Matsue, Akashi, Hyogo 673-0036, Japan

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The Gallery at Sketch

London, United Kingdom • Wishlist • a month ago

Spaceship? Modern art museum? No, just a very instagrammable restaurant toilet in London. Sketch is known for its afternoon teas but also its colorful toilets full of mysterious pods.


9 Conduit Street, London, United Kingdom

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Kumutoto toilets

Wellington, New Zealand • Wishlist • a month ago

Designed by Studio Pacific in 2011, you could be forgiven for thinking these were some kind of giant aliens crustacean on the Wellington waterfront. They supposedly look like barnacles clinching to the bottom of a boat, remembering the areas maritime history. The unique shape also provides natural ventilation.

59 Customhouse Quay, Wellington, 6011, New Zealand

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