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The Cat Goes to Zambo


Gathering all my favourite places in Paul's hometown, Zamboanga City! Also known as the land of Curacha, Satti, the Great Santa Cruz Island, colorful Vintas, and sweltering heat ❤️

Updated 5 months ago

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Alavar Seafood Restaurant

Zamboanga, Philippines • Recommendation • 5 months ago

Our go-to place for fresh and affordable seafood! Alavar is considered to be an institution in Zamboanga, known for their Curacha (Deep-Sea Crab) in Alavar sauce. I'll never know exactly what's in their freakin' sauce but I'm pretty sure there's coconut milk in there and tons of spices and it's sooo good! Paul first brought me here back in 2016 (Zamboanga City also happens to be my very first flight!!) and we've always made it a point to go to Alavar every time we're in the city. Our fave would definitely have to be one of their bilaos (plated combo meals) which comes with a generous serving of crab, prawns, butter and garlic clams, grilled blue marlin or squid, green mangoes with bagoong (shrimp paste), and rice! For 495 pesos, it's such a steal!!! ❤️


Don Alfaro St, Zamboanga, 7000 Zamboanga Sibugay, Philippines

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Johnny's Morning Sun Satti

Zamboanga, Philippines • Recommendation • 5 months ago

Paul's ultimate favorite Zamboangueño food is Satti. It's basically a spicy stew served with grilled beef or chicken skewers and sticky cubed rice. Locals love to eat this for breakfast, which is why most satti stalls around the city open pretty early in the morning. Personally this is way too spicy for my liking and I'm only able to handle a few spoonfuls. However, this remains a must-try especially if you love spicy food!


Barangay San Jose Gusu, Zamboanga, Zamboanga Sibugay, Philippines

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Grande Santa Cruz Island

Zamboanga, Philippines • Memory • 5 months ago

According to Nat Geo, the Great Santa Cruz Island is one of the best beaches in the world! Famous for its pink sand beach, the pinkish tinge actually comes from crushed red organ pipe corals mixed with the white sand. A short boat ride from the main island will take you to the stunning sand bars of Little Santa Cruz and to the Mangrove Forest where I got to hold a stingless jellyfish!!! To get to Santa Cruz Island, you'd have to avail a day-tour package organized by the City Tourism Office. Otherwise, you won't be allowed to go to the island by yourself at all for safety reasons. There are also no accommodations available, just cottages and pavilions good for large groups. Reservations are required!

Zamboanga, Philippines

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