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Sunnyvale, San Jose, Santa Clara

Besides powering some of the world’s brightest minds in technology, Silicon Valley is also home to several locations where you can work on your body, too. Working hard is not just limited to sitting on a desk or meeting clients from 9 to 5. Don’t let remote work stop you from staying committed to your fitness goals. Get moving at Silicon Valley!

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YogaSource - Los Gatos

San Jose, United States • Recommendation • a month ago

We always want inner peace, especially when we’re busy with work. With YogaSource’s flexible classes, get your flow going even while on a business trip! From Hot Pilates, Vinyasa, to Restorative Yoga, there are packages suited for the traveler on the go⁠. You don’t have to be a member to avail of their services! For USD25, you get to experience their single class drop-in. If you want more than one session, there are also other packages that you can check out. No excuses!


16185 Los Gatos Boulevard, Los Gatos, California, USA

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ThirdSpace Fitness

San Jose, United States • Recommendation • a month ago

A customized workout plan is what ThirdSpace Fitness is all about. With a belief that every individual is one of a kind, they aim to push for a unique workout routine for all their members. They pay close attention to your body goals, as well as your physical capabilities! ThirdSpace specializes in CrossFit, TRX, and Yoga, but you don’t have to have a background on these workouts if it’s your first time. Count on them to brief you on the basics!


550 South First Street, San Jose, California, USA

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Anytime Fitness - Santa Clara

Santa Clara, United States • Recommendation • a month ago

Stay fit even while on a trip anytime during the day. Anytime Fitness leaves you with no excuses to skip gym time because they’re open 24 hours! A blessing to those who have erratic schedules, an Anytime Fitness membership means having access to 4,500 of their global branches (and counting). Try the seven-day free pass at the Santa Clara branch while you’re doing business in The Valley.


Mariposa Shopping Center, 2718 Homestead Road, Santa Clara, California, USA

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Equinox - Palo Alto

Sunnyvale, United States • Recommendation • a month ago

For many, working out often serves as an escape from everyday responsibilities. Equinox does its job by consistently being every health buff’s sanctuary! This place is never too crowded because it’s spacious enough to give its members a sense of exclusivity. Dive into Silicon Valley’s gym scene at Equinox, home to the area’s most insightful fitness experts. Expect a warm welcome to a healthier lifestyle without feeling intimidated!


440 Portage Avenue, Palo Alto, California, USA

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San Jose Barbell

San Jose, United States • Recommendation • a month ago

They say continuously challenging yourself makes you stronger. At San Jose Barbell, every day is new-challenge day. Their in-house trainers make sure that all members are pushing themselves to achieve their health goals not just physically, but also mentally. Enjoy a one-week free trial if you’re new to the gym. Get motivated to workout after official business hours with health enthusiasts like you!


404 North 13th Street, San Jose, California, USA

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Barry’s Bootcamp - Palo Alto

Sunnyvale, United States • Recommendation • a month ago

Join the hustle at Barry’s Bootcamp! Enter “The Red Room” where you will experience high-intensity workouts that include treadmill sprints and dumbbell exercises for 55 minutes. Traveling for work in Silicon Valley might be the perfect time to add a twist to your typical workout. The Red Room has attracted attention from all of Barry’s branches and it would be a missed opportunity if you don’t give it a try!


228 Stanford Shopping Center, 180 El Camino Real, Palo Alto, California, USA

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CrossFit - Palo Alto

Sunnyvale, United States • Recommendation • 25 days ago

Even non-gym-goers may have heard of CrossFit because its been making a name in the health industry since the early 2000s. It’s a type of workout that is a combination of high-intensity programs from weightlifting, varied cardio, and calisthenics. Swing by their gym in Palo Alto to learn more about their programs while on a break from work!


2598 West Middlefield Road, Mountain View, California, USA

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Orangetheory Fitness - Palo Alto

Sunnyvale, United States • Recommendation • 24 days ago

Getting a workout in during a business trip can be a bit tricky because of the new environment and the many options to choose from, but Orangetheory Fitness considers first-timers and newcomers as one of their priorities. Your first class is on them, so there is no need to be preoccupied with starting fees!


Suite #150 Edgewood Plaza, 2190 West Bayshore Road, Palo Alto, California, USA

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