What’s Cooking, Medan?


A melting pot of different ethnic groups, Medan is known as a culinary haven in Indonesia often celebrated for its diverse cuisine. Most of the restaurants and stalls you will encounter here are unique, with their own way of showcasing the traditional flavors of the city along with its rich history. Make room for more than one hearty meal in your stomach because you are about to be filled with specialties Medan has to offer!

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Bihun Bebek Asie

Medan, Indonesia • Recommendation • 10 days ago

It takes a great amount of effort just to prepare one bowl of Bihun Bebek Asie’s hearty Cantonese-style Bihun Bebek (rice vermicelli with sliced duck meat). Taste the savory broth and meaty goodness of this restaurant’s signature dish that has captured the hearts and stomachs of anyone who has tried it. Keeping up with a certain food quality standard that they have long maintained since the 1930s, one delicious serving is quite pricey yet value for money!

Jalan Kumango No. 15, Medan, North Sumatra, Indonesia

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Selat Penjang Street (Jalan Selat Penjang)

Medan, Indonesia • Recommendation • 9 days ago

Just when you think the hustle and bustle on the streets of Medan is about to slow down, numerous food stalls and restaurants along Selat Penjang Street wake up to feed the rumbling stomachs of locals and tourists as they always do. Anything light and heavy, Selat Penjang Street has it. For a classic savory meal, don’t miss out on the Chicken Rice at Nasi Ayam and, for dessert, get your hands on the super crispy Martabak Piring Murni that comes with chocolate, cheese, nuts, or a mix of all three.

Medan, Indonesia

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Rumah Makan Tabona (Tabona Restaurant)

Medan, Indonesia • Recommendation • 8 days ago

For more than 80 years, Rumah Makan Tabona has been serving delectable curry dishes to the delight of its patrons. All their dishes are made with extra thick curry, which makes the mix of soft-boiled potatoes, spices, blood cubes, and chicken even more flavorful. Choose between rice vermicelli or steamed rice to go with your order, but we highly suggest that you try the former for an authentic Medan meal.


Jalan Mangkubumi No. 17, Medan, North Sumatra, Indonesia

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Rumah Makan Sinar Pagi

Medan, Indonesia • Recommendation • 7 days ago

If a former president of Indonesia and a Miss Universe have been rumored to eat at Rumah Makan Sinar Pagi, it makes sense that this restaurant is the talk of the town. A meal that frequently gets a lot of buzz is their Soto Medan, which is traditional Indonesian soup with either prawn, beef, chicken, or innards. Theirs is widely considered as the best in the country, with guests literally stopping over at Medan just to try it! Come around breakfast time on a weekday since their Soto is usually already sold out by the early afternoon.

Jalan Sei Deli No. 2D, Medan, North Sumatra, Indonesia

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Bika Ambon Zulaikha

Medan, Indonesia • Recommendation • 6 days ago

Bika Ambon Zulaikha is a dessert paradise popular for their specialty: the Original Bika Ambon (honeycomb cake) and Lapis Legit (layered cake). These desserts are well-packed, a perfect piece of Medan to take home with you. Go ahead and fuel your inner sweet tooth and binge on these delectable treats!


Jalan Mojopahit 62, Medan, North Sumatra, Indonesia

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Macehat Coffee

Medan, Indonesia • Recommendation • 5 days ago

Give yourself extra time to think of what you’ll order at Macehat Coffee. Their menu is so inviting, you’d definitely want to buy all their tasty desserts and drinks! Many regulars of this cafe can attest to their famous Avocado Coffee Float, which is avocado juice and chocolate ice cream, laced with a shot of espresso. Their Cafe Brulee and Mocha Lava Jelly looks good, too! Munch on their Cassava Fritters as you get your caffeine fix the Medan way! Macehat Coffee is always packed, so expect to wait to get a table. It’s totally worth it, though!


Jalan Karo No. 20, Medan, North Sumatra, Indonesia

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Si Bolang Durian

Medan, Indonesia • Recommendation • 4 days ago

Durian is very popular in Medan that eating it is considered a quintessential activity for locals. It’s like their version of peanuts! While it is quite infamous for its aroma, Si Bolang Durian is reinventing the way it is enjoyed with their open-concept restaurant. Head to this store any time of the day to enjoy their fresh selections as they are open 24 hours. It’s important to note that their peak season prices are relatively cheaper than they are off-season, so plan ahead if you want a good deal.


Jalan skandar Muda No. 75C-D, Medan, Indonesia

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