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Waking Up In Berlin

Bezirk Kreuzberg, Berlin, Friedrichshain Bezirk

In Berlin, cafes are more than just the coffee. In a country inhabited by new-age creatives and digital nomads, coffee shops in Berlin are extra curated to make them an optimal space for many—especially freelancers. Tick off your to-dos in the city’s most conducive spaces for working while caffeinating!

Updated 17 days ago

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Two and Two - Berlin

Bezirk Kreuzberg, Germany • Recommendation • 23 days ago

A blend of kawaii and coffee, this quirky cafe along Pannierstrasse is the brainchild of two friends who share a mutual love for coffee and a desire to share their culture to the people of Berlin. The result is Two and Two, a charming fusion of those two interests. Satisfy your thirst with an Iced Latte while browsing through their unique collection of Japanese stationery, which may come in handy while you work. You can even take home the Two and Two coffee experience with you when you buy the coffee-making equipment they sell in-house!


Pannierstrasse 6, Berlin, Germany

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Bezirk Kreuzberg, Germany • Recommendation • 23 days ago

Find inspiration and get your work done at Westberlin’s creative space and cafe. Take in the chic Scandinavian decor and settle in as you browse their collection of interesting magazines and books, available for you to read and/or purchase to spark your creative juices. There are healthy snack and drink options to fuel you throughout your work day as well. Their classic Flat White is always worth a try, best paired with a crowd favorite Cheesecake!


Friedrichstrasse 215, Berlin, Germany

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St. Oberholz - Rosenthaler Platz

Berlin, Germany • Recommendation • 22 days ago

Pioneers of St. Oberholz have watched this space turn into one of Berlin’s most frequented hubs for techies. As you enter, you will be welcomed with the smell of roasting coffee beans and the sound of clicking keyboards. Whether you’re in the mood to drink wine while creating your big project or a cup of cappuccino to get that jolt of energy, St. Oberholz caters to all types of workers.


Rosenthaler Str. 72A, Berlin, Germany

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Hallesches Haus Cafe

Bezirk Kreuzberg, Germany • Recommendation • 21 days ago

Step into this beautiful space that was once a post office and a house music club! Before Hallesches Haus Cafe became a hive for Berlin locals, the place went through crucial renovations that turned it into what it is today. Grab a seat, relax, and take in the delicious coffee. Don’t forget to check out the keepsakes they sell, too. They have succulents, books, and many other specialty items for sale!

Tempelhofer Ufer 1, Berlin, Germany

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Michelberger Hotel Cafe & Bar

Friedrichshain Bezirk, Germany • Recommendation • 20 days ago

Grinding ’til the wee hours is typical for most people working remotely. It’s a good thing Michelberger Hotel Cafe & Bar caters to night owls! They have plenty of spots to choose from, from comfortable sofas with great lighting to seats by the courtyard bathed in natural sunlight. Aside from being a reliable workplace, they offer a vibrant nightlife by bringing in guest DJs and musicians every Friday and Saturday evening.


Warschauer Street 39/40, Berlin, Germany

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Betahaus - Kreuzberg

Bezirk Kreuzberg, Germany • Recommendation • 19 days ago

Productivity is contagious—and being the four-floor cafe and co-working space that Betahaus is, anyone who steps inside will definitely get a lot of work done. If you’re not ready to commit to a monthly fee yet, they give their guests a one-day free trial. Enjoy the privilege and convenience of having an in-house mini restaurant and cafe while taking advantage of the conducive workspace!


Rudi-Dutschke-Strasse 23, Berlin, Germany

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R/D Coffee Bar

Berlin, Germany • Recommendation • 18 days ago

Quality and sustainability is what R/D Coffee Bar continuously offers to its guests. Because of their excellent coffee, it’s always packed with young professionals creating their next big project! This coffee house also has one of the best sound systems, giving everyone a memorable and pleasant experience. Co-working options are also available, so you can create a home for you and your team while developing your startup!

Chausseestrasse 19, Berlin, Germany

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Café µ

Friedrichshain Bezirk, Germany • Recommendation • 17 days ago

Standing tall as a neighbourhood staple is Café µ. A small minimalist cafe where you find locals getting their coffee fix for the day, they’re also known for serving delicious dessert selections—and some are even vegan! Café µ is highly suggested for slow work days to match its cozy atmosphere. Do your work in a pleasant environment that pushes you to be productive without feeling the pressure!

Libauer Str. 1, 10245 Berlin, Germany

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