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Turning Macanese


In the 16th and 17th centuries, Portugal established international trade routes to the East, paving the way for merchants to carry spices from Africa, India, and Malacca to Macau. The Portuguese also settled in the region, intermarrying with the locals and injecting Western traditions to the Chinese culture. Among the biggest influences of Portugal in Macau is reflected in Macanese cuisine—an original fusion food. Largely based on fresh seafood, Macanese cuisine marries Portuguese recipes, Chinese cooking techniques, and various spices to create flavorful dishes. Go through our list to savor Macau’s classic dishes, from “Bacalhau” (cod fish) to egg tarts, at food joints that have stood the test of time to be indispensable to Macanese lives.

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Riquexo Café


Macau, China, People's Republic • Recommendation • 29 May 2018

Find Macanese cuisine at its most authentic at Riquexo Café. The canteen-style restaurant serves traditional family recipes handed down from the “unofficial godmother of Macanese cuisine,” 102-year-old Aida de Jesus who continues to to run the business. Enjoy a plate of “Minchi” (fried pork and potato dish), one of Macau’s national dishes, as you peruse through photos of old Macau adorned on Riquexo Café’s walls.


Avenida Sidonio Pais, N°69, Macau


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Tai Lei Loi Kei (Taipa Village)


Macau, China, People's Republic • Recommendation • 29 May 2018

Along a nondescript alley in Taipa Village, Tai Lei Loi Kei dishes out a favorite Macanese comfort food—pork chop buns. The popular local snack consists of a large marinated bone-in pork chop sandwiched between crispy yet chewy baguette-like Portuguese buns. Tai Lei Loi Kei’s pork chop buns have satisfied Macanese bellies since opening over 50 years ago. In the 1960’s, the restaurant supplied the formerly impoverished Taipa with 200 pork chop buns every day to help the Macau Municipal Council of the Islands tide the population over.


Rua Correria da Silva, No. 35, Taipa, Macau

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Fat Siu Lau


Macau, China, People's Republic • Recommendation • 29 May 2018

Fat Siu Lau owes its success to its flavorful Macanese dishes, particularly the “Shek Ki Superb Roasted Pigeon,” a traditional roast pigeon. The dish’ legendary marinade is inspired by a 100-year-old recipe that has been highly guarded by the founding family. More than a century ago, Won Man Sing established Fat Siu Lau in a two-storey wooden building on Trav. Do Matadouro before expanding and relocating to its present home in Rua de Felicidade—Macau’s historical red light district.


Rua da Felicidade corner Travessa Do Mastro, N°64, Macau


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Macau, China, People's Republic • Recommendation • 29 May 2018

At the heart of Macau, Solmar fills appetites with their classic Macanese dishes, particularly the “Galinha à portuguesa” (Portuguese for Portuguese Chicken), a chicken curry dish in coconut sauce. Founded in 1961, Solmar started as an exclusive club for elite politicians and businessmen. Word of their scrumptious menu trickled to the public and, due to popular demand, the joint opened its doors to everyone, solidifying itself as a Macanese food institution.


Travessa da Praia Grande, Ground Floor & Middle Floor N°8-10 Avenida de Almeida Ribeiro, Macau


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Restaurante Litoral


Macau, China, People's Republic • Recommendation • 29 May 2018

Dubbed as the “spiritual home of Macanese cuisine,” Restaurante Litoral has staked its claim as one of the best joints in town for “Galinha à africana” (Portuguese for African Chicken)—Macau’s favorite dish. Smell the delectable aroma of chicken coated in peanuts, tomatoes, and chili sauce before the vibrant fare hits your table. On cold days, grab a go-to bowl of “Tacho,” a Macanese stew of pork knuckles, tamarind, and shrimp paste that pleasantly surprises your palate with a complex yet well-balanced fusion of flavors.


Rua do Almirante Sergio, 261A, Macau


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Lord Stow's Bakery (Coloane Town Square)

Macau, China, People's Republic • Recommendation • 29 May 2018

Head on over to Lord Stow’s Bakery—the creator of Portuguese egg tarts—for your fix of the sweet, creamy dessert hybrid that Macau is famous for! Englishman Andrew Stow began Lord Stow’s Bakery on Coloane Island, Macau in 1989. His European goods were well-received by the locals, inspiring him to create a pastry based on the “Pasteis de Nata” (Portuguese egg custard tart). “Andrew’s Egg Tarts” catapulted the business and soon after, the delicacy reached beyond the territory to gratify a faithful worldwide following.


1 Rua do Tassara, Coloane Town Square, Macau

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Cozinha Pinocchio

Macau, China, People's Republic • Recommendation • 29 May 2018

The bright yellow multi-storey edifice of present-day Cozinha Pinocchio may be a far cry from its humble beginning as an open-air eatery behind a small alley near Taipa Village, but the quality flavors of its European dishes continue to enchant local and foreign diners. Pair Cozinha Pinocchio’s renowned “Curry Crab” (fresh crabs in spicy coconut stew) with a curated wine from their expansive vino selection, and see why one of the first Western joints in Macau thrives until today!


Largo dos Bombeiros, N°38, Villa de Taipa, Macau

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A Vencedora


Macau, China, People's Republic • Recommendation • 29 May 2018

It may surprise you but family-run A Vencedora, a dominantly Portuguese-influenced restaurant, is managed by a brood without an ounce of Lusophone blood! The current owner’s grandmother curated the menu based on her encounters with an employer from Lisbon. An unpretentious eatery on Rua do Campo, A Vencedora only has a few items on their menu, but all of their home-style dishes will keep your mouth watering for more! Must-tries at A Vencedora include their “Feijoada” (beef, pork, and bean stew) and “Bitoque” (beef steak with fries and egg).


Rua Do Campo, N°264, Macau


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Koi Kei Bakery

Macau, China, People's Republic • Recommendation • 29 May 2018

Starting as a cart selling only ginger candy and crunchy peanuts, Koi Kei Bakery opened its first shop in 1977 and pioneered a system of creating orders upon customers’ requests. Today, Koi Kei Bakery is famous for their “Almond Cakes” (almond biscuits), a popular Macanese delicacy usually taken as a food souvenir. Apart from the traditional snacks, Koi Kei Bakery also innovates and sells new varieties of Macanese pastries such as their “Golden Twist Pastry” (twist bread) and “Seasoned Orange Peel Cake” (donut-like pastry with orange filling).


Rua Felcidade 70-72, R/C, Macau

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O Santos Comida Portuguesa


Macau, China, People's Republic • Recommendation • 29 May 2018

Opened in 1989, O Santos Comida Portuguesa has captured the hearts of locals and tourists alike with its home-style Portuguese cuisine from the Alentejo region. Say hi to the restaurant’s original owner as you enter a state of nostalgia triggered by the old-fashion decor. Take your cue from O Santos Comida Portuguesa’s regulars and order beloved Portuguese dishes such as the “Salada de Polvo” (octopus salad), “Pastéis de Bacalhau com Arroz” (cod fish balls and rice), and "Arroz de Pato no Forno" (baked duck rice).


Rua do Cunha, N°20, Taipa, Macau


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