Striking the Chords of Canada


There must be a reason why after all this time, Joni Mitchell’s “Big Yellow Taxi” still tugs at many people’s heartstrings, how Justin Bieber and Shawn Medes manages to stay at the high end of the charts, and why Carly Rae Jepsen has a cult following from all over the world. The only two things that all of these artists have in common is one, they’re music icons that have touched the hearts of many, and two, they’re Canadians. Musicians of all genres have a place all over Canada, thanks to the continuous efforts of business owners to develop and sustain music hubs where locals and tourists alike can go to enjoy live shows. Sit back, relax, and tune in to Canada’s flush and booming music scene!

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Les Foufounes Electriques

Montreal, Canada • Recommendation • a month ago

Welcoming you with bizarre decorations, trippy lighting, and artistic vandals on walls, Foufounes Éléctriques is a bar that transports you to another era. On some days, they sport a new wave vibe, but most of the time it’s just pure punk rock. Hang out with a crowd from all walks of life and spoil yourself with their low-priced drinks. Being a place that promotes creativity and boldness, Foufounes Éléctriques urges you to have a break and just let go!


87 Street-Catherine East, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

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The Cameron House

Toronto, Canada • Recommendation • a month ago

It’s easy to spot this hipster pad from far away. When you see a giant painting of the woman holding a cigarette while on the telephone or the blue-colored woman with her eyes closed as she is surrounded by leaves, you know you’re at the Cameron House. Their painting by the entrance varies, but it’s consistently been a sophisticated lady with tiny gestures. It’s their trademark! Inside, you will find Victorian-themed paintings that add a vintage feel to their laidback setting. Whether you’re up for live local music or standup comedy, they have both! Do as the regulars do here at the Cameron House, along with a loyal crowd that has found “paradise”⁠—just like their classic sign says.


408 Queen Street West, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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House of TARG

Ottawa, Canada • Recommendation • a month ago

Survived by Ottawa musicians, House of Targ is redefining the concept of a night out. It’s a bar, restaurant, a live music venue, and arcade located at the heart of Ottawa that has the 1980s all over it! Enjoy playing classic arcade games while listening to local rock bands and feasting on their handmade perogies. If you’re extra competitive, go during FreePlay Sundays at 8:00PM to get an extra hour of gameplay on the house! Bring your friends along to get extra freebies and cheap deals!


1077 Bank Street, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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Massey Hall

East York, Canada • Recommendation • a month ago

When one hears of a famous popstar or celebrity coming to Canada, it will most likely be held at the ever so prominent Massey Hall. Names range from artists that many have grown to love like Alanis Morisette, Kelly Clarkson, and even the late Anthony Bourdain. Some indie artists have also played here such as Death Cab for Cutie and Sufjan Stevens. Widely recognized as a venue for different forms of art, the hall was established by Hart Massey and his family in 1933. What made it a premier location for important events is its incredible acoustics, providing the warmest sound elevated all throughout the room.


178 Victoria Street, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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The Bog

Montreal, Canada • Recommendation • a month ago

Enter the Canadian underground scene through a hidden basement to see one of the country’s most significant locations for music enthusiasts. Praised for staying true to its D-I-Y philosophy, the gigs you will encounter here are truly intimate. Expect another level of musical experience with local Canadian artists in this community-run space. The Bog promises a night full of creativity and meaningful social experiences. It has always been a crowd favorite and it can become yours, too!

3627 Notre-Dame Streete West, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

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The Danforth Music Hall

East York, Canada • Recommendation • a month ago

Formerly a movie theater, the Danforth Music Hall has maintained some of its original features that set it apart from other venues. The slanted orchestra floor, which is now the general admission room, has become a hallmark that show-goers have come to love. Thanks to its rich theater history, guests get to a unique view where they can watch their favorite artists as if they’re watching a movie! Fun fact: Danforth has hosted concerts by big names from The Clash to The Ramones, and fresh stars like Justin Bieber and Daniel Caesar!


147 Danforth Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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The Foxx Lounge Rock Bar & Hotdoggery

Barrie, Canada • Recommendation • a month ago

Any stranger to Canada’s music scene should head to a venue that knows their local artists best. The Foxx has been home to up-and-coming Canadian musicians for 10 years, giving them a space to be heard and known. Step inside to discover your next favorite band and a chance to experience their art in an intimate setting. Their non-elevated stage plays host to musicians and their all-original work, while their bar satiates guests with their highly recommended, best-selling hotdogs that go perfectly with a beer or two!


16 Dunlop Street East, Barrie, Ontario, Canada

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The Horseshoe Tavern

Toronto, Canada • Recommendation • a month ago

At the Horseshoe Tavern, some things never change. Its checkerboard floors, loyal bartenders, and regular visitors can attest to this. Starting early as a contributor to the Canadian music scene, they went through numerous changes, all the good and bad, in trying to sustain the place. For 50 years and counting, they have built a home for local musicians and have witnessed them come and go. It may seem like your typical dive bar at first glance, with its worn-out gig posters and decorations; but, in truth, it’s a place full of rich history where regulars bask in its nostalgia.


370 Queen Street West, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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