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Most hotels will offer you enough to make you feel at home and some will give you five-star hospitality. Creature comforts are essential, but there can be more than just the usual humdrum hotel fare. In Germany, accommodations are taken to the next level such that staying in wouldn’t feel like staying put. Explore entirely different worlds at the comfort of your hotel room and make memories packed with color, creativity, and a dash of fantasy! This list rounds up the most unusual accommodations in Germany—guaranteed to make your stay feel like a travel experience itself.

Updated 3 months ago

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V8 Hotel

Stuttgart, Germany • Recommendation • 3 months ago

You’ll be getting “Grease-Lightning” vibes at this retro, car-themed hotel. Surround yourself with classic cars and sleep at a gas station-themed room. Other spaces will give you the feel of a drive-in cinema, a car wash, or a garage. Each room is meticulously designed with tools and car parts, as well as retro signage and furniture made with recycled car parts. This hotel is a car lover’s dream come true!


Graf-Zeppelin-Platz 1, Böblingen, Germany

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Hotel Lindenwirt

Mainz, Germany • Recommendation • 3 months ago

Sleep inside a barrel of wine at Hotel Lindenwirt! Drift off to dreamland inside a private barrel that once held around 6,000 liters of fermented grape juice. Most barrels are reserved for wine and liquor, but not at this hotel! The large barrel rooms will give you the coziest time, whether you stay alone or with someone special. The room fits up to two people, with two beds stuck to either side of the barrel. There’s just enough space to hold hands in the middle. How cute!


Amselstraße 4, Rüdesheim am Rhein, Hesse, Germany

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Basecamp Bonn Hostel

Bonn, Germany • Recommendation • 3 months ago

Upgrade the themed room experience in one of Basecamp Bonn Hostel’s mini caravans. The possibilities are endless! Each caravan has a unique theme and it’s up to you to choose your adventure. From 1950s rockabilly to an African safari, and even outer space—this caravan park has it. The amenities include breakfast, linens, and access to all public spaces within the hostel. All guests can use the kitchen facilities and barbecue pits, so don’t hesitate to marinate, grill, and mingle with fellow guests.


In der Raste 1, Bonn, Germany

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Alcatraz Hotel

Ludwigshafen am Rhein, Germany • Recommendation • 3 months ago

Intentionally throw yourself to jail at Alcatraz Hotel. Don’t worry, you will have the option to leave as you please. The former prison was converted into a hotel in 2002 when two local lawyers decided that the century-old building had potential. The hotel offers a comfortable version of the prison cell experience. You will stay the night behind bars while basking in hotel hospitality. The hotel offers regular rooms, too, if that doesn’t tickle your fancy.


Morlauterer Straße 1, Kaiserslautern, Germany

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Regensburg, Germany • Recommendation • 3 months ago

The smallest hotel in the world packs a whole lot of character. Eh’Hausl doesn’t have a concierge. Once you hold the key, you temporarily become the owner of this miniature sanctuary. It’s eight feet wide and it’s filled with a symphony of light, color, and sound. Verdi’s La Traviata plays faintly in the background as you lounge on an extravagant Victorian couch. Sit back, relax, and raise your pinky finger to mini world-class luxury!


Seminargasse 8, Amberg, Germany

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Iglu-Dorf - Zugspitze

Munich, Germany • Recommendation • 3 months ago

The coolest place in Germany lets you stay inside an igloo. Igloo interiors are warm and cozy, providing maximum comfort, best enjoyed with a delicious cup of hot chocolate. Staying in an igloo is a good enough experience, but Iglu-Dorf has more to offer. The village is situated on top of the country’s greatest Alpine peak, providing you with magnificent views every time you step out. Most of the igloos house up to six people. They also have “romantic igloos for two,” which are perfect for snuggling and nose kisses!


Zugspitze 1, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Bavaria, Germany

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Hotel Colosseo

Freiburg, Germany • Recommendation • 3 months ago

Take a trip back in time at Hotel Colosseo. This themed hotel is designed in the style of ancient Roman architecture, resembling the Flavian Amphitheatre (more commonly known as The Coliseum). The Roman Italian-inspired rooms are decorated with classical paintings and rococo furniture. The pool and sauna landscapes and interactive fountain add to the grandeur. The hotel complex also features Italian restaurants, bars, and cafes.


Europa-Park-Straße 4-6, Rust, Germany

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