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Of Hong Kong and Street Markets

Hong Kong

There is no better way to understand the Hong Kong people than by immersing yourself in the organized chaos of these busy street markets, surrounded by sharp-minded, unabashedly loud, direct, and impatient people, who all hold the highest expectations of service and impressive knowledge of any goods on offer.

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Apliu Street Market


Hong Kong, China, People's Republic • Recommendation • 29 May 2018

Apliu Street Market is the biggest second-hand market in Hong Kong, where you can find a smorgasbord of gadgets and electronic devices at extremely affordable prices. Test your bargaining skills with seasoned hawkers as they sell everything from laptop cases, power cables, and photography equipment, all the way down to pre-loved shoes, clothing, and even small appliances. Always bustling with locals looking for good deals, this is one of the places in Hong Kong where you can get an authentic feel of the city. Stroll alongside Hong Kongers and maybe even grab a snack with them, as the street is also abundant with street food carts offering local skewers and special curries.

151 Apliu Street, Sham Shui Po, Hong Kong


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Cat Street Market


Hong Kong, China, People's Republic • Recommendation • 29 May 2018

This treasure trove of gorgeous antiques is properly known as Upper Lascar Row, and has been in business for over 100 years. Get lost amongst the sultry silks and apple-of-your-eye jade pieces. Snuff bottles, ornately painted inside, and gallant ceramic horsemen are common across the stalls. See if you can discern the difference in the exquisite handcrafted furniture. Some are authentic historical pieces dating as far back as the Ming dynasty, while others are handcrafted modern replicas for practical use. Also, get ready to bargain; but don't expect to go much lower than 20% of the original price. These merchants mean business. And if you’re ready to shell out the big bucks, take time to check the items and make sure you’re getting what you’re paying for. Finally, please be respectful of signs stating “no photographs”.

Upper Lascar Row, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong


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Tung Choi Street (Ladies' Market)


Hong Kong, China, People's Republic • Recommendation • 29 May 2018

As one of Hong Kong’s largest and most well-known markets, the Ladies Market on Tung Choi Street is a bargain hunter’s playground! Haggle your way through three parallel streets lined with hundreds of stalls selling inexpensive but trendy clothes and accessories. Locals and tourists alike frequent the area, as this is the perfect place to go thrift shopping. Don’t let the market’s name fool you, though—there are men’s and children’s merchandise here as well! Ladies Market is a great place to buy that "I heart HK" t-shirt and to practice your bargaining skills! Some stall holders do not list out a price so always ask. Most stalls open at 11:00 AM, and the place tends to get incredibly packed with locals and tourists.

1 Tung Choi Street, Mong Kok, Hong Kong


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Flower Market Road


Hong Kong, China, People's Republic • Recommendation • 29 May 2018

Surround yourself with gorgeous colors and delicate scents at Flower Market Road. Blanketed in beautiful and exotic blooms of all kinds, it really is like scene from a dream. Stroll through the flora and pick up bulbs, seeds, and potted plants for your own garden. The market has an unbelievably gorgeous selection of orchids, birds-of-paradise, and even tropical flowers. Succulents and bamboo also make for adorable decorations. If you happen to be around Hong Kong for Chinese New Year, visit the area during this time, as families browse nonstop for flowers and greenery that will bring good luck and fortune.

Flower Market Road, Prince Edward, Mong Kok, Hong Kong


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Goldfish Market


Hong Kong, China, People's Republic • Recommendation • 29 May 2018

Aptly named Goldfish Street, this unique lane in Mong Kok is known for selling different species of goldfish, a particularly important animal in Feng Shui tradition. Hong Kong is one of the top five exporters of goldfish and tropical fish in the world and most of the shops at Tung Choi Street are major players in the industry. Discover rare species such as Arowanas, Blue Tangs, and even a few reptiles. Most of the shop owners are professional aquarists who possess a wealth of information for anyone looking to get into this fantastic hobby. For the casual shopper, it is an interesting place to sightsee, take some photographs, and maybe even find a new friend.

Tung Choi Street North, Prince Edward, Hong Kong


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Jade Market


Hong Kong, China, People's Republic • Recommendation • 29 May 2018

Take destiny by the hand as you walk along hundreds of stalls selling lucky bracelets, pendants, rings, statues, and customized items at the Jade Market. Jade is believed to bring good luck and long life in Chinese culture, which is why it's an extremely popular gift item, particularly from grandparents to their grandchildren. Trinkets inlaid with the purest of jade stones can cost a small fortune, but many of the smaller items are very affordable. Many of the vendors at Jade Market happily recommend lucky items based on your birthday and the Chinese almanac. Take a jewelry expert or connoisseur with you if you intend on buying big, to make sure you’re getting something genuine. Although jade is the main attraction, many bedazzled shops offer pearls, agate, and coral too! Even if you’re not there to shop, the area is a wonder to behold with their colorful items and bustling activity. Walk over to the preserved colonial-era Police station which has kept its look in homage to the Market’s history.

Junction of Kansu Street and Battery Street, Jordan, Hong Kong


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Sai Ying Pun Market


Hong Kong, China, People's Republic • Recommendation • 29 May 2018

The bustling scene of Sai Ying Pun Market is an integral part of Hong Kong life, where shoppers from around the city stream into the market like clockwork to pick up fresh ingredients from their favorite vendors. Sai Ying Pun boasts a great selection of organic fruits and vegetables that beats grocery store pricing, along with wet market staples like fish and meat. Pick up uncommon finds such as razor clams and frogs here. For a great selection of organic vegetables, stop by A Tao’s Organic Vegetables Corner for local and imported organic greens. Seafood staples like prawns and salmon are popular purchases, and you’re guaranteed fresh flavors in every batch you buy.


45 Centre Street, Sai Wan, Hong Kong


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Tai Yuen Street Market (Toy Street)


Hong Kong, China, People's Republic • Recommendation • 29 May 2018

Stroll through the vibrant Tai Yuen Street Market, a local hub for playthings old and new. This busy street is perfect for shopping with your kids or to bring gifts for your little tikes back home. The shops are stocked with both the latest trends and classic toys, a remnant of the local toy industry that once thrived here. The market greets you with stalls toppling with toys: boxes of toy sets piled high, plushies dangling from the carts, and baskets of small trinkets. Find character dolls, robot-building kits, stuffed toys, and everything in between! Keep an open mind while you shop, you never know what you might come across here. Further down the street, stalls hawk snacks, beauty products, and decorations. Prices are often listed, but you can haggle for the deal you want. For the adventurous eater, check out the diners that offer local delicacies like Chinese herbal tea and snake stew.

Tai Yuen Street, Wan Chai, Hong Kong


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Yuen Po Street Bird Market


Hong Kong, China, People's Republic • Recommendation • 29 May 2018

Stroll through the quaint lane of Yuen Po Street Bird Market and let the singing of the birds enchant you! Marked by a traditional moon gate, the idyllic gardens of Yuen Po Market houses more than 70 stalls full of birds like the talkative Mynah or the colorful Parrot. The surrounding garden is also a scenic haven for bird owners to hang out with their feathered friends. Find bird cages hanging from tree branches as their owners catch up over card games in the mornings. Come in early to chance upon owners feeding and grooming their pets around the market. They owners take pride in their pets and are more than happy to let you interact and take photos with the birds. They also offer a plethora of bird care items—porcelain feeders, handcrafted teak cages, live insects, and mealworms can be purchased.


Yuen Po Street, Prince Edward, Hong Kong


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Stanley Market


Hong Kong, China, People's Republic • Recommendation • 29 May 2018

One of the most iconic street markets in Hong Kong, Stanley Market is an old school open-air area located at Stanley Village in the south coast. Popular for its amazing bargains, it is one of the many locations responsible for giving our city its reputation as a revered shopping destination. You’ll find just about anything and everything here from clothes, bags, accessories, toys and various trinkets. Haggling is expected, as well as comparing prices before buying. Shop for Hong Kong souvenirs to remember your trip, and eat at one of the wonderful cafes or restaurants lining the harbour!


Stanley Market Road, Stanley, Hong Kong

赤柱市場道6號, 赤柱市政大廈

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Cheung Sha Wan

Hong Kong, China, People's Republic • Recommendation • 29 May 2018

Local and foreign designers nab the building blocks of their creations at Cheung Sha Wan. Textiles, trimmings, buttons, and other raw garment materials are available at wholesale at this market, as it has since after the Second World War. Prepare to tackle Cheung Sha Wan by allowing yourself plenty of time. Browse through over 250 shops selling fabrics, trimmings, buttons, and other raw garment materials. Watch for retail stores putting out racks of clothes throughout the day, with huge signs featuring surprisingly affordable prices. This makes it much easier to find the best deals, some as low as $20 HKD! Come during the mid-morning to avoid hectic afternoon crowds as most locals tend to shop after lunch. Take note that the retail stores here don’t allow fitting and remember to bring your measurements to find something that fits just right. Wear comfortable clothes as this shopping trip will require a lot of walking.


225 Cheung Sha Wan Road, Sham Shui Po, Hong Kong

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Gough Street


Hong Kong, China, People's Republic • Recommendation • 29 May 2018

Gough Street’s two blocks are jam-packed with cool boutiques, modern concept stores, and trendy restaurants. Against these new establishments stand older colonial buildings that hearken back to the street’s history as a hub for the printing presses. While the print shops that once dominated the area have mostly been pushed out by gentrification, a few remaining presses are still holding on to Gough Street’s history, lending their heritage to its eclectic, ever-changing identity. The boutiques along Gough Street are more akin to galleries than stores, making window-shopping an event onto itself. Be prepared to pay a hefty price for the designer goods, as this isn’t the place to shop for bargains. The place comes alive after work hours and stays busy until late in the evening. Visit at these times for the area’s youthful energy, or come in the morning for more peaceful shopping.

Gough Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong


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Li Yuen Street Market

Hong Kong, China, People's Republic • Recommendation • 29 May 2018

Find traditional Chinese outfits, embroidered purses, bags, and slippers at the Li Yuen Street Market! A hip ambiance welcomes guests along narrow alleyways where more than 50 hawker stalls offer vibrant apparel and outlet goods. Offerings include ready-to-wear casual, factory outlet selections, tailored garments, and leather and silk styles featuring distinctive Chinese brocade and patterns. Indeed, this street market is great for an accessible dash of Chinese-style consumer finds. The stalls are not usually packed with shoppers, making it more convenient to shop anytime after most vendors open after 10 AM. The slow-paced atmosphere allows shopkeepers the time to be friendly and more personal.

Li Yuen Street, Central, Hong Kong

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Shanghai Street


Hong Kong, China, People's Republic • Recommendation • 29 May 2018

Shop at Shanghai Street for all your kitchen needs! The historical street is stocked with everything you could possibly need for your kitchen—utensils, iron pots, copperware, ceramics, and even steaming baskets. You don’t have to be a culinary expert to shop here, as just walking through it is a visual treat. Some vendors also sell Chinese herbs, oils, traditional wedding garments, and ancestral offerings. They’re not your usual culinary tools, but it never seems out of place amongst the old mystique that still runs through Shanghai Street.

300 Shanghai Street, Yau Ma Tei, Hong Kong


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Jardine's Crescent

Hong Kong, China, People's Republic • Recommendation • 29 May 2018

Jardine’s Crescent is one of the life forces of Hong Kong. A cultural find, this is where little locally-owned businesses stand defiant against the large international brands many consumers have taken to. Also known to many as a lady’s market, it overflows with collections of affordable trinkets any fashionable lady could ask for. From handbags and jewelry, to stylish clothing pieces, feel free to bargain and get the most bang for your buck! The market’s central location makes it a great stop for bargain shopping, but Mongkok is larger and more robust. Most of the items here are more targeted at female customers, so know who you’re buying for before coming. Expect low prices here, but haggling is all part of the norm. Take a friend who speaks Cantonese to get the best bargains.

Jardine's Bazaar, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

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