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The Big Apple is known to be a progressive, forward-thinking megacity. It’s so easy to get lost in the New York minute; but, when something truly out of the ordinary happens, it inspires the most outrageous myths! NYC just overflows with urban legends and we’ve gathered some that are connected to popular spots in the city! The following tales captured the locals’ imaginations and portray the city in a new light. Are these urban legends true? Probably not, but it’ll be fun to explore NYC and investigate for yourself!

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Bronx Park

Yonkers, United States • Recommendation • 9 months ago

Crocodiles living in the sewer must be New York City’s quintessential urban legend. Stroll along the River in Bronx Park and you just might catch sight of its cold-blooded residents! It all began in 1927 with the first eye-witness accounts, but it was only in 1932 when sightings shot to fame. The New York Times reported on two small boys who stumbled upon a swarm of giant albino crocs on the banks of the River! Locals once kept baby crocodiles as exotic pets; but, when they outgrew their novelty and NYC’s teeny apartments, pet-owners would flush the reptiles down the toilet! The rest, as they say, is history.

Boston Road, Bronx, New York City, New York, USA

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Empire State Building

New York City, United States • Recommendation • 9 months ago

The Empire State Building is New York City’s very own Bermuda Triangle. Every day, there are instances of car engines dying and signals jamming as soon as people enter its 5-block vicinity. Blame is placed on the crowded cluster of antennas atop NYC’s famed skyscraper, but there are no official answers. Put on your lab coat and form your own hypotheses while on a visit!

350 Fifth Avenue, New York City, New York, USA

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Liberty Island

New York City, United States • Recommendation • 9 months ago

Head to Liberty Island to hunt for Captain William Kidd’s stashed treasure! The well-traveled sailor came to New York as a seaman’s apprentice and eventually led many expeditions. Later in his life, he was accused of piracy and hung—but not before he hid his goods in then-called Bedloe Island. When two men tried to dig up the treasure in 1825, they said a furious ghoul awoke and chased them off. They testified that it was the ghost of a crewmate that Kidd ruthlessly buried with the loot. Other retellings claim that it was Kidd’s spirit himself. These days, the Statue of Liberty stands guard; so take a few pictures. Who knows? You may unearth a lead to the captain’s booty!

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Wagner Park

New York City, United States • Recommendation • 9 months ago

On a foggy day, park yourself on a bench at Wagner Park to possibly catch sight of an ancient ship coasting along Hudson River. There’s plenty of activity on the waters to watch while you pass the hours away. When the sun starts to dip, watch out for the tall masts of The Half Moon (Halve Maen) jutting up toward the sky. The Half Moon was the vessel of Henry Hudson, an English explorer who first found much of the region. The ship was wrecked centuries ago, yet it appears to select witnesses, floating on the Hudson River unmanned and leaving violent storms in its wake.


16 Battery Place, New York City, New York, USA

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College of Staten Island Willowbrook

Staten Island, United States • Recommendation • 9 months ago

The tale of Cropsey was a classic tale told to misbehaving children. The Staten Island boogeyman snatched and murdered young kids with an ice pick—or an ax or a hook hand, depending on who tells the tale. Head over to the College of Staten Island (CSI) for a glimpse at the old buildings that fed the legend. Before it was CSI, it was an institution for children with disabilities named Willowbrook State School until it was shut down in 1987. Real-life Cropsey, Andre Rand, was a custodian at Willowbrook responsible for the disappearance of five children.


2800 Victory Boulevard, Staten Island, New York, USA

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Wollman Rink in Central Park

New York City, United States • Recommendation • 9 months ago

Keep your eyes peeled at the Wollman Rink in Central Park—the cheery winter crowd may have a few extra heads of the paranormal kind. Rosetta and Janet Van der Voort were sisters who loved to escape from their overbearing father here. The Van der Voort duo remained close all throughout their life and passed away only months apart from each other. Clad in their Victorian red and purple dresses, they glide on the ice (though their feet never really touch the surface). Lucky ones might see them cutting through the multitude and sharing in the revelry of the living.


Central Park, 830 5th Avenue, New York City, New York, USA

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Hotel Chelsea

New York City, United States • Recommendation • 9 months ago

Anyone who knows their punk history is familiar with rockstar couple, Sid and Nancy. The Hotel Chelsea is where Sid allegedly stabbed Nancy. Of course, in the haze of wild nights they had, he can’t remember if he really did it. Some overzealous fans claim that Sid’s spirit still roams the halls and causes mysterious stops on the elevator. Dare to stay in the famed hotel and join a long guestlist of celebrities, from Marilyn Monroe to Bob Dylan. Some of the urban legends don’t hold a light to the crazy escapades that have been contained within these walls. Sometimes, fact is actually crazier than folktale.

222 West, 23rd Street, New York City, New York, USA

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