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Guten Appetit, Berlin!

Bezirk Kreuzberg, Berlin

In the early 18th century, Frederick the Great (King of Prussia) ordered his subjects to only eat potatoes and cucumbers to fit the frugal and convenient Prussian lifestyle. The practice heavily influenced regional favorites in Berlin—notice how most German dishes include simple, unseasoned bread and potatoes. The food in the city has since evolved to reflect its immigration history. The large Turkish population in the vicinity, for instance, introduced the heavy use of herbs and spices, providing contrast to the simplicity of homestyle cooking. All in all, Berlin’s gastronomy is a fusion of rustic and exotic: a culinary tradition exclusive to the capital. Here are our recommended restaurants to enjoy traditional Berlin dishes!

Updated 3 months ago

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Curry 36 - Mehringdamm

Bezirk Kreuzberg, Germany • Recommendation • 4 months ago

Curry 36 is a legendary fast food restaurant that has been serving Currywurst for over 30 years! It’s known to be the choice Currywurst joint of night owls and taxi drivers because it prepares the juiciest and most flavorful fried sausages in town at lightning speed. Currywurst is one of Berlin’s most popular street foods made with Worcestershire sauce, ketchup, and curry powder. The dish exemplifies fusion and has proven its appeal to Berlin’s locals. It’s time to try it yourself!


Mehringdamm 36, Berlin, Germany

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Wiener Brot Laden

Berlin, Germany • Recommendation • 4 months ago

The only bakery in Berlin that uses a traditional wood fire oven, Wiener Brot Laden makes the Berliner/Pfannkuchen extra special. They bake the Pfannkuchen the old way and without additional baking agents. The Pfannkuchen is a doughnut made with sweet yeast dough with a marmalade filling topped with confectioners sugar. It’s simple, easy, and tasty. Eat it the local way by pairing it with your morning cup of tea or coffee!


Tucholskystr. 31, Berlin, Germany

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Mädchen Ohne Abitur

Bezirk Kreuzberg, Germany • Recommendation • 4 months ago

A proper Königsberger Klopse calls for fine and premium preparation, and Mädchen Ohne Abitur does exactly that. The meatball dish, named after the Prussian city where it came from, is made special by the sauce: a creamy mixture of capers and lemons. It’s important to get it from a restaurant that pays attention to flavor and uses only fresh ingredients.


Kortestrasse 5, Berlin, Germany

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Berlin, Germany • Recommendation • 4 months ago

Get your Schnitzel Holstein from the restaurant that invented it! Borchardt is a long standing restaurant that politicians and celebs frequent. The Schnitzel à la Holstein was made by the restaurant for German diplomat Friedrich von Holstein in the 19th century. It’s made with cow udders and is topped with anchovies and capers. The Schnitzel Holstein is a bold and adventurous pick. Try it at least once—you just might love it!


Französische Str. 47, Berlin, Germany

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Zur Letzten Instanz

Berlin, Germany • Recommendation • 4 months ago

Zur Letzten Instanz is the oldest restaurant in the city. It opened in 1621 and has served Emperor Napoleon and classical musician Beethoven. The restaurant’s most popular dish is the Eisbein (they serve up to 80 plates of it a day!). Eisbein (ice leg) is a boiled and cured, pink-colored pork knuckle topped with green pea puree and mustard. It’s rich, tender, salty, and almost as delightful as Berlin itself. In other parts of Germany, pork knuckle is called Schweinshaxe and is usually roasted or broiled.


Waisenstrasse 14-16, Berlin, Germany

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Mustafa’s Gemüse Kebab

Bezirk Kreuzberg, Germany • Recommendation • 4 months ago

It’s not unusual to stand in a long queue at Mustafa’s since their secret sauce is absolutely worth the wait! Kebab shops are scattered all over Berlin, but Mustafa’s holds cult status because of how they prepare their kebab. The secret sauce is squeezed all over the meat and vegetables, which are then topped with crumbled feta cheese, and finished with fresh lemon zest. The result is a myriad of flavors that blend oh-so-well together, reflective of Berlin’s complex cuisine!


Mehringdamm 32, Berlin, Germany

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Imren Grill

Bezirk Kreuzberg, Germany • Recommendation • 4 months ago

Imren Grill is where the best Turkish food in the world comes from! Here, everything is cooked and baked in-house and from scratch. Wait 20 minutes to get your hands on a mind-blowingly delicious Künefe! The Künefe is a cheese pastry soaked in a sugar-based syrup and topped with pistachio bits. Enjoy it for dessert to upgrade your meal experience!


Boppstraße 10, Berlin, Germany

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