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Roti Canai (“roh-tee cha-nay”) is an Indian flatbread recipe famous in Malaysia, locally called Roti Prata or just Prata. They’re so beloved within Singapore that foodies have it for breakfast, dessert, or even a snack! Whether you like your Prata soft and chewy, flaky and fluffy, or super crisp, every restaurant has a unique recipe. Watching the Prata Man at work on the griddle is quite a show. The batter is stretched into a thin circle by swinging and slapping it onto the metal table. He swiftly folds the dough’s edges in and oils up the flat grill. When all is ready, he lays the Prata expertly with a sizzle. It cooks ’til golden, then served hot with a bowl of curry. The scene works up an appetite, so don’t delay. Dig in!

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Al Jasra Restaurant

Singapore, Singapore • Recommendation • 18 June 2018

All-you-can-eat Prata keeps the griddle sizzling the whole day at Al Jasra Restaurant. Here, an endless stream of orders come in for Plain or Egg Prata. Sometimes, curious patrons work a stray flavor or two in the mix. Pineapple Prata, Strawberry Syrup Prata, or Ikan Bilis (dried anchovy) Prata are a few interesting things to try. Discover new flavor combinations from Al Jasra’s 15 different kinds of Roti Prata. They’re open 24 hours, so stack them up high and eat through the night!


459 Changi Road, Singapore

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The Roti Prata House

Singapore, Singapore • Recommendation • 18 June 2018

The Roti Prata House cooks their Prata to a perfect brown, crisp and flaky on the outside while still soft on the inside. They serve a special Bomb Kaya Prata that oozes with a filling of butter, condensed milk, and kaya (coconut) jam. It doesn’t stop there, though—their Ice Cream Prata comes with scoops of ice cream inside a cylindrical-shaped crispy prata, drizzled with chocolate syrup and topped with sprinkles. The Roti Prata House usually gets packed with hungry locals and tourists, so try to extend a bit of patience. Also, keep an eye on the table next to you to see what else you can order!


246 Upper Thomson Road, Singapore

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Sin Ming Roti Prata

Singapore, Singapore • Recommendation • 18 June 2018

Sin Ming makes their Prata cute and small like a coin, with a flavorful outer crust achieved by hand-kneading fresh dough every day. The stall has a bunch of entrée options to choose from: Order a serving of their robust fish curry with your Prata for lunch or enjoy Mutton Rib or Rendang on the side for dinner. You’re in for a treat, either way!


24 Sin Ming Road, #01-51 Jin Fa Kopitiam, Singapore

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New Mahamoodiya Restaurant

Singapore, Singapore • Recommendation • 18 June 2018

New Mahamoodiya Restaurant is here to catch you when the craving for Coin Prata hits at an odd hour. They’re open 24 hours, serving up their hearty Prata to hangry night owls. Get the Coin Prata set, which includes curry, sambal (Malaysian chili paste), and several Prata. The restaurant also offers other Muslim-Indian specialties to complete your binge!


335 Bedok Road, Singapore

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Mr. & Mrs. Moghan's Prata

Singapore, Singapore • Recommendation • 18 June 2018

In our next shop, you’ll notice Mr. Moghan—a man wearing an apron—intently stretching out his Prata dough. As one half of the namesake Mr. & Mrs. Mohgan’s Super Crispy Roti Prata, he has been a master of the craft for almost 30 years. Three years ago, he started a Prata shop with his wife where the dough is homemade and hand-kneaded, and Mr. Mohgan does all the frying himself. Mr. & Mrs. Mohgan has earned many praises, each of their flatbread living up to the promise of a crisp, light, and non-greasy treat. The crust flakes off just a little bit and pulls apart like puff pastry. The Sweet Onion Prata gives off that perfectly crunchy texture, while their Cheese Prata remains to be savory in all the right ways.


7 Crane Road, Poh Ho Restaurant, Singapore

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Al-Azhar Eating Restaurant

Singapore, Singapore • Recommendation • 18 June 2018

On the eat street of Cheong Chin Nam Road, Al-Azhar is a one-stop eatery for Malay, Indian, Thai, and Western food. Even with patrons spoiled for choice, you’ll find them ordering the Roti Prata. Indulge in a Mozza Cheese Egg Prata, where a single pull shows off stretchy Italian Mozzarella. While you’re here, treat yourself to dessert! Al-Azhar serves Roti Tissue, which is a super thin Prata presented in a cone shape. Sweetened milk drips down slowly, giving you time to savor each bite.


11/11A Cheong Chin Nam Road

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Springleaf Prata Place

Singapore, Singapore • Recommendation • 18 June 2018

Eggs Benedict (called a Plaster Blaster), Red Bean, and Portobello Mozzarella aren’t your run-of-the-mill Prata fillings, but Springleaf Prata Place does all these and more! Their claim to fame is the Plaster Blaster; a Prata topped with ham and poached eggs. A tangy Hollandaise Sauce mingles with the thick egg yolk, coating the Prata. It’s unusual, but done impeccably the way only Springleaf Prata Place can.


1 Thong Soon Avenue, Springleaf Garden, Singapore

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Rahmath Cheese Prata

Singapore, Singapore • Recommendation • 18 June 2018

Patrons usually happen upon Rahmath Cheese Prata by chance, but the masterfully made Prata draws them to come back. Mr. Ali, Rahmath’s owner, has been whipping up flatbreads for years. The Roti Prata here is more on the doughy side, while the Plain Prata is light, fluffy, and perfect for dipping in a saucy curry. Drop by before 1:30PM to catch a fresh batch, as Mr. Ali only cooks Prata in the morning.

74 Lorong 4 Toa Payoh, #01-08 Toa Payoh Vista Market, Singapore

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ENAQ The Prata Shop

Singapore, Singapore • Recommendation • 18 June 2018

Kick your Prata game up a notch at ENAQ where curry and sambal can be mixed together for that extra spicy combo! They don’t play games here—dough is made fresh every day before frying, so the buttery Prata complements the heat of the chili extremely well. ENAQ is also committed to mastering Singapore’s favorite dishes, which includes Maggi Goreng, Teh Tarik, and Roti Prata. So far, so good!


303 Jurong East Street 32, Singapore

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Casuarina Curry Restaurant

Singapore, Singapore • Recommendation • 18 June 2018

For a joint that boasts of their curry, Casuarina Curry Restaurant fries up a worthy Roti Prata to pair with its saucy stews. Request a new batch of Prata to go with your Mutton, Chicken, or Fish Curry, as they whip up a few ahead of time. You want your bread piping hot to dip in the curry. Servings are huge here—split with a friend or scarf everything down by yourself!


136 Casuarina Road, Singapore

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