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The high-powered arcade industry of Japan lives on, providing kindred gaming spirits a kick of nostalgia, an escape from everyday routine, and constant avenues for entertainment. Vital as ever, the multiple-storey complexes of games welcomes young and old, amateurs and pros, and locals and tourists—all with the common love for multicolor buttons, red joysticks, and plastic consoles. Join the Japanese community ride down rainbow roads, dance along to neon arrows, and defeat enemies by combo kicks in Tokyo’s best arcades!

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Super Potato


Tokyo, Japan • Recommendation • 29 May 2018

Let the 8-bit keyboard music lure you into Super Potato—a retro gamer’s heaven! Move through floors of rare consoles, hard-to-find merchandise, and giant Mario’s, to find yourself in the treasure trove of late 90’s video games. Grab the Famicom and jump over rolling barrels to defeat King Kong, get your hands on a Sega Genesis and lead Sonic the Hedgehog through zones at lightning speed, or take a gun and defeat criminal syndicates in GoldenEye 007. In between arcade domination, take a swig of Coca-Cola from a vintage glass bottle, skim through the pages of some mangas (Japanese comic books), and marvel at other nostalgic players as they too are transported to their childhood. End your video game crusade on a high and declare yourself the Lord of the Arcade as you take your place on the throne of games, a chair made completely out of Nintendo game cartridges.


1 Chome-11-2 Sotokanda, Chiyoda, Tokyo

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HEY (Hirose Entertainment Yard) by Taito

Tokyo, Japan • Recommendation • 29 May 2018

The quintessential arcade experience awaits you at Taito HEY (Hirose Entertainment Yard). The humdrum facade of the five-story complex does zero justice to the booming atmosphere of smoke, neon lights, and electronic sounds inside. Each level of HEY by Taito draws in video gamer niches to its different themed floors. Master UFO catchers possessed by the crane gods collect plush toys on the first floor. Hear the pew-pew of toy guns on the second level where danmaku (a term for Japanese shooting games) experts rain bullet hell with hitman-level accuracy. Join others on a journey to the past as you walk up another flight of stairs to a hall of classic favorites. At the fourth floor, play endless rounds of beat-em-up’s like Street Fighter IV, Tekken 7, or Virtua Fighter 5 R (VF5R) through carefully calculated joystick maneuvers and button clicks. Reserved for new and Japan-exclusive games, the top level welcomes a younger cohort of professional gamers. More than just an arcade, HEY by Taito houses a community of gaming experts often taking the form of surgical-masked, buttoned-down shirt-wearing, stony-eyed players. Watch them show off their prowess and exchange tips and tricks to fellow wizards—maybe even learn a little Japanese and pick up a few secrets while you’re here!


1 Chome−10−5 Sotokanda, Chiyoda, Tokyo, 101-0021

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Club SEGA (Akihabara)

Tokyo, Japan • Recommendation • 29 May 2018

Club SEGA’s whopping seven-stories of arcade consoles make it a mecca for habitual Japanese players. Rows of retro and modern games line the space, littered with some hardcore arcade enthusiasts powered by cup noodles, vending machine coffee, and cigarettes perfecting their gaming skills—yeah, we know you want to be like them too. A mecca for SEGA lovers, the fifth floor exclusively holds games from the beloved brand. Keep an eye out for new SEGA games that are trialed in the arcade months before general release to have a head up on the competition (and bragging rights, of course)!


1 Chome−11−11, Sotokanda, Chiyoda, Tokyo 101-0021

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Tokyo Joypolis

Tokyo, Japan • Recommendation • 29 May 2018

One of the largest indoor amusement parks in Japan, Tokyo Joypolis provides an extraordinary arcade experience fused with virtual reality (VR) and four-dimension (4D) attractions, game-themed rides, and even a haunted house, perfect for gamers who want a to kick it up a notch! In Tokyo Joypolis, you do more than just play the games—you’re actually part of it! Wear your VR goggles and target enemies coming right at you, step into carts that move in tune with the animated world displayed on the large screen, and put on your headphones to be frightened by the horror sounds that will make you want to crawl into a ball. Tokyo Joypolis has regular arcade games too, in case you’re missing your usual consoles.


1-6-1 Daiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo

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MariCAR Akihabara #1

Tokyo, Japan • Recommendation • 29 May 2018

We’ve all wanted to drive our own Mario Kart. Luckily, MariCAR Akibara #1 is here to make our dreams come true (minus the banana peel dropping and turtle throwing)! Gather your friends to course through the streets of Tokyo while driving custom-made go-karts—that’s right, you’ll be on the actual roads so make sure you have a valid driver’s permit on-hand. Slip into your favorite character costume, blast your background music of choice, and tour the metropolis as if you’re in the Mushroom Cup (race trophy not included)!


4 Chome-12-9 Sotokanda, Chiyoda, Tokyo 101-0021

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Try Amusement Tower

Tokyo, Japan • Recommendation • 29 May 2018

Test your luck on Try Amusement Tower’s “pachislo” machines, a hybrid of pachinko (a Japanese arcade game that functions similarly as a gambling device) and slot machines, on the third floor of the eight-story arcade. Gamble your money for a chance to win knick-knacks, appliances, and even more game tokens for extended play—or just watch other players commune in a strange blend of hope, excitement, and maybe just a touch of regret.


4 Chome−4−7 Sotokanda, Chiyoda, Tokyo 101-0021

東京都千代田区外神田4-4-7 MTビル3F〜8F

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Game Bar-A-Button

Tokyo, Japan • Recommendation • 29 May 2018

Tucked between houses and apartment buildings, Game Bar-A-Button enthuses vintage video game players through rows of classic-era consoles enjoyed in between rounds at the bar. Soft mood lighting replaces the bright neon lights of Electric Town, setting the barcade with a more laid-back vibe. As a favorite hangout spot of the Japanese gaming community, catch famous players go on Shenmue quests as the crowd of admirers cheer them on.


1-13-9 Taito, Taito-ku, Tokyo, Japan

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Tokyo Leisure Land (Akihabara)


Tokyo, Japan • Recommendation • 29 May 2018

Let the music take you over at Tokyo Leisure Land, as you bang on a taiko (Japanese drums) on Taiko no Tatsujin, tap to the rhythm in Pop ‘n Music, and move to the beat in Dance Dance Revolution. The entire second floor of the five-storey arcade is entirely dedicated to music games for you to channel your inner maestro. Tokyo Leisure Land’s shop owner makes sure that his patrons are well taken care of by providing them with great staff support and game instructions (in English, too), including tips on how to win!


1-9-5 Sotokanda, Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan

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