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Egg-cellent Egg Tarts

Hong Kong

A flaky pastry with a sweet egg custard filling, the “Daan Taat” (蛋撻, Cantonese for “Egg Tart”) is the perfect dessert to finish off a hearty meal or a great pick-me-up in the middle of a long day. Originally a recipe by the Europeans, Egg Tarts have come a long way since it was introduced to Hong Kong in the 1940s by chefs from Guangzhou, China. Stemming from the influx of immigrants from Portuguese-influenced territories such as Macau, this humble pastry has become a classic treat and an essential part of the Hong Kong experience over the years. Stave off your hunger by visiting any of these quaint bakeries found all over the city. Get yourself three Egg Tarts to try one of each kind—traditional Portuguese, flaky, and cookie. Best of luck choosing just one favorite, but if you end up loving all of them, we totally won't mind!

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Hoover Cake Shop


Hong Kong, China, People's Republic • Recommendation • 4 July 2018

Join the steady line of hungry customers in front of Hoover Cake Shop, a local favorite for their array of cakes, breads, buns, and best-selling tarts. Their Egg Tarts are so popular that even flight attendants buy multiple boxes to take home to their families. Unlike other bakeshops, they use duck eggs to give their flaky Egg Tarts’ custard filling a rich flavor with a firm center. Their Pineapple Buns are also a must-try, which come with flavored fillings such as red bean, plum, and peanut butter.


136 Nga Tsin Wai Road, Kowloon City, Hong Kong


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Tai Cheong Bakery (Central)


Hong Kong, China, People's Republic • Recommendation • 4 July 2018

Discover what is widely considered to be the best Egg Tarts in Hong Kong with a visit to Tai Cheong Bakery. Established in 1954, the bakery continues to be a hit with locals and tourists for their perfect ratio of cookie-like crust to creamy, smooth filling. Their mint green store with gold signage is practically a tourist attraction, beckoning visitors to bite into their piping hot pastries. You’ll need to do a fair bit of hiking to reach their main branch at Lyndhurst Terrace, but the trek is worth it for the Egg Tarts alone.


Ground Floor, 35 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central, Hong Kong


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Po Shing Cake Shop


Hong Kong, China, People's Republic • Recommendation • 4 July 2018

Just like Tai Cheong Bakery, Po Shing Cake Shop's Egg Tarts also have that yummy cookie crust that goes perfectly well with its buttery center. This rich, delectable treat never fails to draw a constant stream of customers, so keep an eye out for the red-and-white striped stall to sample their take on the classic Hong Kong staple.


Shop 6, Ground Floor, Po Shing Building, 88 Kau Yuk Road, Yuen Long, Hong Kong


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Kam Fung Restaurant


Hong Kong, China, People's Republic • Recommendation • 4 July 2018

Kam Fung Restaurant offers freshly made Egg Tarts every day, much to the delight of its loyal visitors. This “cha chaan teng” (Cantonese for “tea restaurant”) uses puff pastry instead of the usual shortbread-like base, giving it a more crumbly texture.


Ground Floor, Spring Garden Mansion, 41 Spring Garden Lane, Wan Chai, Hong Kong


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Honolulu Coffee Shop


Hong Kong, China, People's Republic • Recommendation • 4 July 2018

Locals and tourists alike flock to Honolulu Coffee Shop for their rich and extremely flaky Egg Tarts. Founded in the 1940s, the shop keeps their tarts tasty by using a technique that involves freezing the dough overnight and folding it multiple times for a perfectly crisp outer shell. These are best enjoyed fresh and piping hot, but remember to pace yourself so you won't burn your tongue!


Ground Floor & Mezzanine Floor, 176-178 Hennessy Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong


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Kadoorie Bakery


Hong Kong, China, People's Republic • Recommendation • 4 July 2018

Walk into Kadoorie Bakery to try out their creations of cheap yet delicious Egg Tarts. Made with crunchy, incredibly flavorful puff pastry, their custard has a subtle nutty taste that isn’t overwhelming and extremely satisfying.


69 Waterloo Road, Ho Man Tin, Hong Kong

九龍 窩打老道69號C2地下渡船角 文英樓 地下1號舖

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Happy Cake Shop


Hong Kong, China, People's Republic • Recommendation • 4 July 2018

Happy Cake Shop in Wan Chai has been around for decades, appeasing locals’ craving for sweets with their selection of signature treats. They are known for their fresh, handmade Egg Tarts, but they also serve Pineapple Buns and Cream Buns with dollops of whipped cream stuffed in the center.


106 Queen's Road East, Wan Chai, Hong Kong


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Hong Kong, China, People's Republic • Recommendation • 4 July 2018

You won’t have to go far to taste Macau’s heavenly Egg Tarts, as EXpresso at the Excelsior Hotel uses the recipe of the famous Lord Stow’s Bakery. The caramelized custard adds a gentle sweetness to the tart that will make you reach for seconds! Paired with their coffee, the cafe’s creamy Portuguese Egg Tarts make for a great mid-day snack.


Ground Floor, The Excelsior, 281 Gloucester Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong


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Queen Sophie Bakery


Hong Kong, China, People's Republic • Recommendation • 4 July 2018

Queen Sophie Bakery’s Egg Tarts are said to be the most expensive and extravagant tarts in Hong Kong. Made with 368 pastry layers, its extra flaky crust is what sets it apart from other Egg Tarts in the city. Get the classic Pastry Tart or try experimenting with other flavors like cheese, Hokkaido milk, and durian!


Ground Floor, 24 Hau Wong Road, Kowloon City, Hong Kong


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Cheung Hing Coffee Shop


Hong Kong, China, People's Republic • Recommendation • 4 July 2018

Cheung Hing Coffee Shop has been serving locals since 1951, well-known for their flaky Egg Tarts, tasty pineapple buns, and other favorites. Drop by this local cha chaan teng and feel a sense of nostalgia as you enjoy their sweet treats surrounded by the classic decor, wooden booths, and patterned tiles.


Ground Floor, 9-11 Yik Yam Street, Happy Valley, Hong Kong


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