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Defying Gravi-Tea With Teh Tarik


Teh Tarik (“pulled tea” in Malay) is one of the many specialties of Singapore, as well as Malaysia. Singaporeans prepare their Teh Tarik by pouring a mixture of black tea and sweetened milk back and forth between two cups—one cup high above the head, the other down low. The longer the stream of tea travels through the air, the quicker it cools and the thicker the froth. Small drink stalls used to set up outside factories and rubber plantations to serve workers their milk tea fix. Today, you’ll commonly find Teh Tarik in small, hole-in-the-wall diners and open-air stalls along the streets. Take the time to roam around The Lion City to discover the best Teh Tarik spots. Do as the locals do and pair it with a plate of Roti Prata (flatbread). Bottoms up!

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No Name Teh Sarabat Stall

Singapore, Singapore • Recommendation • 31 May 2018

An aromatic blend of spiced tea has been ground daily at No Name Teh Sarabat Stall since it opened in 1956. Its original shop owner, Zamir Ahmed, refined his recipe and technique through decades of practice and eventually became a master at pulling tea. One sip and you’d taste a balance of milk, sweetness, and froth—just as it should be. Mr. Ahmed recently retired, but he passed the shop and his treasured tips and secret recipes on to his nephew, Mohammad Asgar. The stall is in its second-generation of tea masters, but you’ll still taste the same classic flavors that No Name Teh Sarabat Stall has been known for.

21 Baghdad Street, Singapore

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Thajudeen Teh Tarik

Singapore, Singapore • Recommendation • 31 May 2018

The cozy stall of Thajudeen Teh Tarik may be packed with bottles of drinks and cheap snacks, but keep your eye on the prize and order that Teh Tarik! Thajudeen is nestled inside the Adam Road Food Centre, which is a classic hawker center that offers true blue and affordable Singaporean food. It gets pretty cramped and busy here; good thing you have your cup of frothy milk tea to keep you company!

2 Adam Road, #01-12 Adam Road Food Centre, Singapore

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Maya Mohan Hot & Cool Drinks

Singapore, Singapore • Recommendation • 31 May 2018

Cap off a food trip through Tekka Food Centre’s tempting stalls with a refreshing gulp. Maya Mohan Hot & Cool Drinks serves a menu limited to Teh Tarik, Kopi Tarik (pulled coffee), Sugar Cane, and a variety of Milo Dinosaurs (iced chocolate malt beverage). Their Original Ginger Tea (Teh Halia Tarik) is particularly a hit among ravenous foodies. The fresh ginger tingles the taste buds and soothes the stomach. Ginger has other nutritional benefits, too—get one to compensate for all the other food you just ate! Save some space for another round of munching because AR-Rahman Royal Prata nearby has delicious Roti Prata to complete that Teh and Prata combo!


665 Buffalo Road, #01-246/264 Tekka Market and Food Centre, Singapore

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CRAVE (ION Orchard)

Singapore, Singapore • Recommendation • 31 May 2018

CRAVE, formerly known as Rafee’s Corner, started out as a humble Teh Tarik stall in Amoy Street Food Centre. Through the years, the stall garnered a loyal following of locals because of Rabeek, the man behind the tea. Rabeek likes his flavor strong, allowing the tea to stand out over anything else. He served a special ginger blend, extra frothy. Today, Rafee’s Corner can no longer be found in Amoy Street Food Centre. Instead, they’ve moved on to several branches in malls around the city as CRAVE. They’ve partnered up with Adam Road by Selera Rasa to serve a tandem of Nasi Lemak (coconut milk rice) and classic Teh Tarik. Enjoy the city’s celebrated street food in the comforts of an air-conditioned mall. Watch out for when the sought-after tea master drops in once in a while at various locations to whip up a few cups for customers!


2 Orchard Turn, Basement 4, No. 58/59 ION Orchard, Singapore

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Fayidha Restaurant

Singapore, Singapore • Recommendation • 31 May 2018

Locals around Balestier recognize Fayidha Restaurant for its assortment of savory Indian dishes, but only those in the know flock to Fayidha for a good Teh Tarik. Mr. Abdullah, the man who makes the tea, has been doing it for over 10 years. He pulls tea masterfully, drawing out subtle flavors and working up a thick froth. Everyone is welcome to drop by any time, since they’re open 24 hours every day!


26 Kim Keat Road, Singapore

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Teh Tarik Time

Singapore, Singapore • Recommendation • 31 May 2018

After a long day of exploring Clarke Quay—from the Singapore River, to museums, or family-friendly attractions—a little Teh Tarik Time is all anybody needs. Teh Tarik Time is open 24 hours a day, serving up street-side classics, Malaysian and Indian-Muslim dishes. The menu has everything, but it’s best to stick with the basics. A simple Teh Tarik and Roti Prata, both freshly made, will definitely hit the spot. At night, join diners as they crowd the sidewalk and enjoy their food on folding tables and plastic stools.

41 New Bridge Road, Singapore

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New Shah Alam Restaurant

Singapore, Singapore • Recommendation • 31 May 2018

Satisfy your craving for Teh Tarik and a quick bite whatever the hour at the New Shah Alam Restaurant. Their menu offers something to pair with the tea for every meal of the day. For lunch, enjoy dishes like Mutton Biryani before you order a cup of Teh Tarik. Shah Alam works through the sizeable crowd with their prompt service, so the wait won’t be too long. In the wee hours, night owls on Circular Road come in starved from their bar crawl. Sober up with a heaping plate of Mee Goreng (fried noodles) topped with egg, then swap out that booze with a sweet glass of tea. Even hung over mornings are made better with a plate of Cheese Prata and—dare we say—another mug of Teh Tarik.


20-21 Circular Road, Singapore

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The Roti Prata House

Singapore, Singapore • Recommendation • 31 May 2018

A good cup of Teh Tarik hides away at The Roti Prata House. The diner boasts of having “The Best Crispy Prata” around, but the cooks have made its tea a worthy companion on the table. The iconic duo work hand-in-hand, so you get the best of both worlds: the light sweetness of Teh Tarik refreshes the palate from the dense Roti dough. The variety of ways Roti is served here can be dizzying. Your choices range from Sausage Cheese, to Banana Kaya, to Durian. Keep it classic with Plain Roti, or venture to try all 80 kinds! The Roti Prata House can keep the warm tea flowing late into the night if they need to.


246 Upper Thomson Road, Singapore

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Warong Nasi Pariaman

Singapore, Singapore • Recommendation • 31 May 2018

Perhaps something a little more hefty with your tea will do the trick! Bring your appetite to Warong Nasi Pariaman because their plates are heaping with rice, gravy, and a medley of side dishes. The Beef Rendang is tender to the bite and feisty with spice, and the steaming hot Teh Tarik will settle your stomach and melt some of that food you just binged on. Warong Nasi Pariaman cooks its Malaysian dishes with a heart only a family-owned restaurant would know. Three generations have sustained it from its early days as a warong (coffee shop) to the local institution it is today.


736/738 North Bridge Road, Singapore

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The Clifford Pier

Singapore, Singapore • Recommendation • 31 May 2018

The Fullerton Bay Hotel is putting a unique spin to high tea at The Clifford Pier. Their Heritage Afternoon Tea highlights Singaporean fare and drink stall staples. Pair your Teh Terik with an assortment of savories and sweets. Pluck off treats like Tropical Fruit Scone with Kaya (coconut) Jam or a Kue Pie Tee (chilli prawn tart) from the tiered cake tray—these dainty bites pack quite some flavor. The Clifford Pier is a luxurious alternative to the open-air stalls where Teh Tarik is usually found. First of all, it’s air-conditioned. Above that, the beautiful restaurant actually juts out onto the waters of Collyer Quay, right across Marina Bay Sands. Lean into plush seats, savor a Singaporean feast, and look out to relaxing views all in one place.


80 Collyer Quay, The Fullerton Bay Hotel, Singapore

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