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Crazy Rich Singapore


Spoilers ahead—if you haven’t read Kevin Kwan’s best-selling trilogy, do it now! “Crazy Rich Asians,” “China Rich Girlfriend,” and “Rich People Problems” take you into the lives of Singapore’s high society where upholding traditional Asian values, maintaining social class exclusivity, and spending ludicrous wealth are the norm. The story follows lovers Rachel Chu, an American-born Chinese raised in California, and Nicholas “Nick” Young, a wealthy Singaporean bachelor based in New York City. It also features an ensemble of other characters as they deal with affluent families, the politics of the upper crust, and their own personal struggles. Immerse yourself in the day-to-day of Singapore’s elite as we take you to their real-life playgrounds in the city, as mentioned in the books.

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Lau Pa Sat Festival Market (Telok Ayer Market)

Singapore, Singapore • Recommendation • 10 June 2018

Upon arriving in Singapore in the first book, “Crazy Rich Asians,” Rachel is welcomed with a feast of local fare at Lau Pa Sat. The hawker center is housed in the largest remaining Victorian cast-iron structure in Southeast Asia, lending a cathedral-like ambiance. Just as Nick describes it, Lau Pa Sat is “where the masses come to worship food.” Get ready to kneel before scrumptious Chilli Crabs, Char Kway Teow (stir-fried rice noodles), Satay, and every other food the city is known for!


18 Raffles Quay, Singapore

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The Tanglin Club

Singapore, Singapore • Recommendation • 10 June 2018

The Churchill Club is a fictional members-only society mentioned multiple times in the series. It takes its real-life form as The Tanglin Club, which is the oldest and most premier social club in Singapore. Scoring a lifetime membership may require being an actual crazy rich Asian, but you can still apply as a visiting member to enjoy five-star amenities, first-class service, and some of the city’s best dishes!


5 Stevens Road, Singapore

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Goodwood Park Hotel

Singapore, Singapore • Recommendation • 10 June 2018

Goodwood Park Hotel serves as the inspiration for Kingsford Hotel, where Nick and Rachel stayed in Singapore in “Crazy Rich Asians.” A historical gem from the country’s British colonial era, the luxury hotel wows with nostalgic architecture and a rich history of housing the world’s elite. Experience English Afternoon Tea at L’Espresso, the hotel’s poolside cafe. Observe the city’s upper class talking about the latest gossip over an incredible spread of traditional scones, dainty sandwiches, and sweet pastries.


22 Scotts Road, Singapore

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Orchard Road

Singapore, Singapore • Recommendation • 10 June 2018

Indulge in retail therapy at Orchard Road, a 2.2 kilometer stretch of designer shops, upscale restaurants, art galleries, and more! Stare in awe just like Rachel in “Crazy Rich Asians”, when she saw the famous street for the first time on the way to the Goh residence for lunch. Peik Lin Goh (Rachel’s college best friend) describes Orchard Road as a “tourist central,” so prepare to join a sea of sightseers taking in the city. It is, after all, Singapore’s “version of Fifth Avenue.”


Orchard Road, Singapore

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Anglo-Chinese School International Singapore (ACL International Singapore)

Singapore, Singapore • Recommendation • 10 June 2018

According to the first book, the only boys schools that matter to Singapore’s high society are Anglo-Chinese School International Singapore (ACS) and Raffles Institution (RI). Nick, his childhood best friend Colin Khoo, and even Kevin Kwan himself attended ACS, a globally accredited institution ranked high amongst the city’s top educational establishments. The private school is closed to the general public for obvious reasons, but drop by the area to spot kids who could eventually become the nation’s next leader, a Fortune 500 company CEO, or a world-renowned celebrity.


61 Jalan Hitam Manis, Singapore

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Fort Canning Park

Singapore, Singapore • Recommendation • 10 June 2018

In “Crazy Rich Asians,” Colin and resort heiress Araminta Lee’s wedding reception is held at Fort Canning Park. In the story, the great lawn was transformed into a magical garden plucked straight out of Alice in Wonderland. In real life, however, Fort Canning Park is a historical landmark that served as the palatial home of Malay royalty, and an outpost of British colonizers. Today, it is a venue for concerts, theatre shows, and festivals. Walk around the 18-hectare space to encounter tidbits of Singapore’s history, remnants of old architecture, and vast amounts of greenery!


Hill Street, Singapore

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CÉ LA VI Restaurant and SkyBar

Singapore, Singapore • Recommendation • 10 June 2018

At the end of the first book, Nick takes Rachel, her mom Kerry Chu, and Peik Lin to CÉ LA VI Restaurant and SkyBar for Singapore Slings, a gin-based cocktail that originated in the local Raffles Hotel. Head up to the top of Marina Bay Sands to relish in breathtaking vistas of the city’s skyline. While here, delight in an exceptional modern Asian meal or excellent drinks from the bar. Watch the sun begin to envelop the island with orange and pink hues, and you’ll understand why Kevin Kwan chose the rooftop space as the perfect setting for his book’s happy ending.


1 Bayfront Avenue, Marina Bay Sands Tower 3, Singapore

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Singapore, Singapore • Recommendation • 10 June 2018

Take a cue from Eleanor Young, Nick’s traditional, scheming, socialite mother, and have some Hainanese Chicken Rice at Chatterbox. As mentioned in “China Rich Girlfriend,” it is her restaurant of choice for Singapore’s national dish. Situated on the fifth level of the five-star hotel Mandarin Orchard Singapore, expect a high-end dining experience. Wine is available here, so prepare to splurge just like the rich kids do!


333 Orchard Road, Level 5 Mandarin Orchard Singapore, Singapore

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Bukit Brown Cemetery

Singapore, Singapore • Recommendation • 10 June 2018

Naturally, the Young family’s grand-patriarch rests at Bukit Brown Cemetery, Singapore’s oldest memorial garden and the resting place of many of the country’s founding fathers. It stopped accepting burials in the 1970s, and the expanse has become a lush evergreen forest. Take a guided walk to appreciate the abundance of rare local flora, or wander around on your own just like Astrid Leong, Nick’s fashionable well-to-do cousin. As you stroll around, spot different ornate gravestones that blend Chinese, Peranakan, and Indian motifs.

Lorong Halwa, Singapore

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The Fullerton Hotel Singapore

Singapore, Singapore • Recommendation • 10 June 2018

In the final book, “Rich People Problems,” The Fullerton Hotel’s opulent ballroom serves as the venue for property heiress Rosalind Fung’s Christian Fellow Banquet. Isabel Wu (the ex-wife of Charlie Wu, Astrid’s secret lover) crashes the ceremony, throws a bowl of laksa (spicy noodle soup) at Astrid, but misses. Instead, she hits Felicity Leong (Astrid’s mother), society queen Mrs. Lee Yeong Chien, and the Dowager Sultana of Perawak. The historic neoclassical building has witnessed its fair share of real-life blockbuster events. It used to house the General Post Office, the Chamber of Commerce, and The Singapore Club before turning into the stunning heritage hotel it is today. Stay the night, along with the city’s creme de la creme, who still frequent the luxury accommodation.


1 Fullerton Square, Singapore

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Emerald Hill

Singapore, Singapore • Recommendation • 10 June 2018

Although Nick’s snooty relatives may refer to it as “where all the ang mor kow sai go to leem tzhui” (where all the Westerners like to go to get drunk), Emerald Hill—where Astrid moves after separating from husband Michael Teo—is a beautiful row of exquisitely restored baroque shophouses that fuse Chinese, Malay, and Portuguese design. Witness its unique architecture, and spend time at the various trendy cafes and eateries that crowd the block.

Emerald Hill Road, Singapore

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Singapore Botanic Gardens

Singapore, Singapore • Recommendation • 10 June 2018

Roam through Singapore Botanic Gardens, and try to find the secret passageways that Nick and Astrid used to enter Tyersall Park, the family estate, as told in “Rich People Problems.” Even if your mission fails, the UNESCO World Heritage Site still possesses a myriad of attractions for you to lap up! Encounter exotic orchid species at the National Orchid Garden, enjoy free concerts by the Singapore Symphony Orchestra, feed the swans at the Swan Lake Gazebo, join a guided tour on the weekends, or simply laze the day away on the grounds—Singapore Botanic Gardens is the answer for a pleasant Singaporean day!


1 Cluny Road, Singapore

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