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Coron's Crowning Glories

San Jose

Pure waters, exquisite karsts, and vibrant wildlife abound in Coron. Comprising the whole of Coron Island, parts of Busuanga Island, and around 50 other islets in the vicinity, the municipality has a wide range of natural attractions and exotic activities for the perfect tropical vacation! Laze around on white-sand beaches, dive through sunken war ships, and gaze into nights lit by fireflies as you tick off bucket list items in this beautiful Tagbanua (local tribe of Palawan) province!

Updated 10 months ago

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Mount Tapyas

San Jose, Philippines • Recommendation • 10 months ago

Breathe in the splendor of Coron on top of Mount Tapyas, a 210-meter high mountain with a panoramic view of the town. It will take you 724 steps to get to the peak, but there are benches scattered along the way for you to catch your breath. At the top, sit back and relax on the soft green blanket of grass and gaze at the golden hues of the sun enveloping the island.

Mount Tapyas, Coron, Palawan, Philippines

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Kayangan Lake

San Jose, Philippines • Recommendation • 10 months ago

Serene emerald waters nestled between gorgeous limestone formations make Kayangan Lake seem straight out of a fairytale! Watch schools of needlefish move along underneath as you float along the warm crystal pool. For an extra kick of thrill—and to see the full majesty of the lake—ditch your life vest and dive towards Awuyuk Kayangan Cave, a small underwater cavern guarded by narrow limestone walls. On the climb towards Kayangan Lake, remember to stop at the midpoint to relish the spectacular view of Coron Bay!


Kayangan Lake, Coron, Palawan, Philippines

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Twin Lagoon

San Jose, Philippines • Recommendation • 10 months ago

Twin Lagoon’s karst-separated bays are a testament to Coron’s natural grandeur. As your boat docks on one of the lagoons, it’s easy to assume that that’s all there is, but through a crevice on the limestone wall appears another slice of paradise. Get to the hidden bay via a wooden ladder or swim through the gap at the bottom of the rock (only during low tide). The clear waters of Twin Lagoon give unobstructed views of the aquatic life underneath. Find fish swimming in and out of anemones, living corals, and an occasional turtle as you travel through the water.

Twin Lagoon, Coron, Palawan, Philippines

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Malcapuya Island

San Jose, Philippines • Recommendation • 10 months ago

The fine sand and translucent waters of Malcapuya Island invite you to go on full vacation mode—but before you laze on the beach, explore the expanse for Mother Nature has a few surprises up her sleeve for you here! Trek up the hill for a picturesque vista of the isle, as well as neighboring Bulog Dos and Banana Island. Marvel at the long stretch of white sand contrasted beautifully by distinct shades of blue ocean, ranging from turquoise, emerald, to navy. Dip into the cool crystal waters and paddle away from the shore to find an interesting collection of marine life—you may even be lucky enough to come across a friendly baby shark!

Malcapuya Island, Coron, Palawan

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Lusong Coral Garden

San Jose, Philippines • Recommendation • 10 months ago

Discover a trove of marine life at Lusong Coral Garden! A multitude of fishes inhabit the sprawling forest of corals lined on the peaks and valleys of the reef, filling your snorkeling experience with energy and color. Observe the aquatic wildlife navigate seamlessly through holes, curves, and gaps of rocks. Nearby, spot the hull of an old World War II gunboat that’s so close to the surface that you’re actually able to stand on it! See the rest of the ship, now encrusted with corals, as you swim deeper into the water.

Lusong Coral Garden, Coron, Palawan, Philippines

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Siete Pecados

San Jose, Philippines • Recommendation • 10 months ago

According to legend, the seven islands of “Siete Pecados” (Spanish for “Seven Sins”) emerged in the wake of seven sisters who went swimming in the area against their mother’s orders and drowned. Now, Siete Pecados booms with life as seen in the abundance of corals in all shapes, sizes, and color. Catch sight of various species of fish, including “butandings” (whale sharks) that sometimes wander into the vicinity. As the nearest marine park from Coron town, Siete Pecados is a favorite snorkeling spot of locals and tourists alike.

Siete Pecados, Coron, Palawan, Philippines

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Sangat Island Dive Resort

San Jose, Philippines • Recommendation • 10 months ago

Off Sangat Island abound Japanese shipwrecks, including subchasers, cargo vessels, and a seaplane tender, for divers to explore! Plunge into the deep blue to find tropical fishes and sea crawlers such as giant puffers, scorpion fish, and sea snakes as you loop through sterns, masts, and boat compartments. With around 11 different wreck sites to visit, you’re bound to have a day full of thrill—and history appreciation.


Barangay Bintuan, Sangat Island, Coron, Palawan, Philippines

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Barracuda Lake

San Jose, Philippines • Recommendation • 10 months ago

Barracuda Lake’s composition of salt and freshwater makes for a unique diving experience! Prepare for the dramatic shift in underwater temperature by trading your wetsuit for lighter swimwear. Feel the 28-degree (Celsius) water rise 10 points higher as you straddle along the thermocline where you’ll see a translucent boundary pinpointing the convergence of two bodies of water. As you reach the silty seabed, sink your hand into the light sand and spread it across the airy space to engulf yourself in an aquatic cloud. Further down the lake, find tiny sea creatures shyly show themselves to you. Look out for barracudas—but don’t worry, they’re harmless!

Barracuda Lake, Coron, Palawan, Philippines

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Maquinit Hot Springs

San Jose, Philippines • Recommendation • 10 months ago

One of the few natural saltwater hot springs in the world, Maquinit Hot Springs provides relaxation and healing for Coron vacationers in between snorkeling escapades and nature treks. The water plays between 38 to 40 degrees, which may take some getting used to as you first immerse into the pool. But soon enough, you’ll start feeling tension melt away from your body. Maquinit Hot Springs has three pools for you to enjoy. Surrounded by mangroves, you’ll be one with nature as you sink into zen.

Sitio Maquinit, Barangay Tagumpay, Coron, Palawan, Philippines

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Calauit Safari Park

San Jose, Philippines • Recommendation • 10 months ago

Go on an animal adventure at Calauit Safari Park—the Philippines’ game reserve and wildlife sanctuary! Feed giraffes, run beside zebras, and pet turtles on your four-wheel-drive journey across the Africa-like expanse. The beautiful zoo houses a large population of animals, including the endangered species of Calamian deers, freshwater crocodiles, impalas, and waterbucks. Remember to be responsible—and respectful—as you spend your day with your new friends!

Calauit Island, Busuanga, Palawan, Philippines

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Kingfisher Park

San Jose, Philippines • Recommendation • 10 months ago

Home to endemic flora and fauna, Kingfisher Park is a biodiversity haven that aims to restore, protect, and preserve the ecosystems of Malbato Island. Observe the six different kinds of kingfishers roaming around the area! Come night time, take a kayak towards the mangroves to revel at the ethereal marriage of the majestic night sky, glowing planktons, and graceful fireflies—a perfect end to any day!


Malbato, Coron, Palawan, Philippines

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