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Sunnyvale, Santa Clara, San Jose

Being the world’s center of innovation for the latest technology, Silicon Valley is teeming with coffee shops that are open to you and your bright ideas! Anywhere you go, everyone’s busy creating game-changers while running on the best caffeine this tech hub has to offer.

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Blue Bottle Coffee - Palo Alto

Recommendation posted 10 days ago

Many ideas and stories are born inside Blue Bottle Coffee, just like the manifolds that this location has become. It used to be a theater where Palo Alto’s movie lovers would go. Now, it’s a café known as one of the top locations for holding business meetings and enabling productivity. They do this with the help of their partnership with Hanahaus, a shared thinking space. Whether you do your work at their magical-looking courtyard or a table inside, reward yourself with their delectable Affogato!


456 University Avenue, Palo Alto, California, USA

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Red Rock Coffee

Recommendation posted 9 days ago

Red Rock gives you two things at once—a quiet spot for the perfect work atmosphere during daytime and a space filled with culture during nighttime. They offer two floors worth of seating, with outlets and WiFi connection for a consistent workflow. Grab a cup of their eccentric Lavender Honey Latte to get a different kind of buzz throughout the day then watch their open mic night for a post-work nightcap if you happen to be there on a Tuesday.


201 Castro Street, Mountain View, California, USA

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Tom N Toms Coffee - Santa Clara

Recommendation posted 8 days ago

Brewing delicious coffee and serving warm pretzels daily is Tom N Toms Coffee! Often coined as the Korean Starbucks, their menu has variations of classic hot and cold drinks to perk up your spirit. What separates them from Starbucks are their desserts and pastries. For pretzels alone, they already offer 14 flavors! Couches are available for a large group discussion, as well as plenty of seating for solo workers. WiFi is free, so you’re guaranteed to finish your work on time.


3050 El Camino Real, Santa Clara, California, USA

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Big Mug Coffee Roaster - El Camino Real

Recommendation posted 7 days ago

Get your first, second, and even third round of coffee in one cup at Big Mug Coffee Roaster! Owner Giyeong believes that aside from quality, quantity is as important when it comes to work fuel. Here, trying to stay awake to get your work done would be the least of your concerns thanks to their “big mugs” and the cafe’s young and vibrant aesthetic. They also have books that you can borrow if you plan to take a quick leisure break from work.


Slavich Plaza, 3014 El Camino Real, Santa Clara, California, USA

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Barefoot Coffee - Campbell

Recommendation posted 6 days ago

A simple yet promising café along Bascom Avenue is sure to win any coffee lover’s heart. They may be keeping it low-key since 2003, but their loyal customers have only grown by the day. Every cup of coffee that they serve is carefully crafted with hand-picked beans sourced from skilled growere who want to veer away from industrialized processes. Spare some of your time at this quaint café in South Bay. Come early to secure a spot because seats are limited!


1819 South Bascom Avenue, Campbell, California, USA

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Café Venetia

Recommendation posted 5 days ago

A space swimming in bright orange lights and brimming with ideas—that is what two-storey Café Venetia is. The café gives you a picture of Italy with its European furniture, framed photographs of Venice on its walls, and their espressos that give off a strong Italian aroma. This Little Italy is a true hotspot—its noise level is higher compared to other cafes, but you have the option to stay at the second floor for a quieter workplace.


419 University Avenue, Palo Alto, California, USA

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1 Oz Coffee

Recommendation posted 4 days ago

Reinventing the concept of “workspace” is 1 Oz Coffee, with their outdoor seating comprised of comfortable couches and spacious tables for the hard worker on the go. From meeting teams to simply lounging around with a cup of a smooth latte in hand, 1 Oz Coffee caters to every coffee drinker’s different needs.


3051 Tasman Drive, Santa Clara, California, USA

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Coffee and More

Recommendation posted 3 days ago

One of the perks of staying at a family-owned coffee shop is the instant warmth it brings. It’s like you never left home! Coffee and More is highly recommended for those who plan to have a casual work day. Whether it’s a Nutty Irish or an Iced Vanilla Chai you’re drinking, their refreshing cuppas will definitely pump up your day right.


100 South Murphy Avenue #1, Sunnyvale, California, USA

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