Catching Fish (and Chips)


A quintessential English fare, Fish and Chips consists of battered fish fillets (usually cod, haddock, or plaice) and chunky french fries, locally known as “chips.” The popular snack is customarily partnered with tartar sauce, mushy peas and pickled cucumber. From a newcomer in Brook Green to a long-standing family business in Muswell Hill, we’ve rounded up London’s crème de la crème of chippies (term for Fish and Chips shops). Get ready for a feast of fresh fish and hot chips!

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Poppie's Fish and Chips (Spitalfields)

London, United Kingdom • Recommendation • 15 June 2018

Poppie’s retro vibe transcends its 1950s-style interiors to its nostalgic menu, which includes Jellied Eels, a traditional London dish. Revel at the assortment of English memorabilia as you dig into the restaurant’s Fish and Chips—flaky cod or haddock coated in a thick and crispy batter, paired with soft, well-seasoned fries.


6-8 Hanbury Street, London, United Kingdom

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Kerbisher & Malt (Brook Green)

London, United Kingdom • Recommendation • 15 June 2018

Despite being newer than other shops, Kerbisher & Malt has won Londoners’ hearts with its contemporary take on the good old-fashioned Fish and Chips. The fancy gastro-chippy serves sustainably sourced, prime fish fillets, which are either battered, grilled or cooked in matzo meal (unleavened cracker breadcrumbs). The superstar, though, are their chips—which may be the best in London—cooked twice for that extra crunch!


164 Shepherds Bush Road, London, United Kingdom

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Golden Union Fish Bar

London, United Kingdom • Recommendation • 15 June 2018

After shopping in Soho, reward yourself with a plate of flavorful Fish and Chips at Golden Union Fish Bar! The outlet uses ethically sourced fish (delivered daily and cooked to order) and potatoes from the Fenlands of East Anglia for the best quality. They also change their carefully formulated blend of frying oils every week to guarantee the tastiest fare. Prices here are steeper due to the central location, but it’s worth it!


38 Poland Street, London, United Kingdom

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Fish House (Victoria Park)

London, United Kingdom • Recommendation • 15 June 2018

Fish House is a cross between a traditional chippy and a modern seafood restaurant. Its menu ranges from fresh prawns, squid, and mussels to superb plates of Fish and Chips! On a pleasant day, get a serving of fresh fillet and springy fries to-go and enjoy them picnic-style at the nearby Victoria Park.


128 Lauriston Road, London, United Kingdom

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Sutton & Sons (Stoke Newington)

London, United Kingdom • Recommendation • 15 June 2018

Operated by a family who runs a fishmonger on the same street, Sutton & Sons guarantees freshness in every bite. Delight in crispy battered fish and fluffy chips, paired with an excellent tartar sauce and delicious homemade pickles. Mrs. Sutton also makes an assortment of cakes, so save some room for dessert!


90 Stoke Newington High Street, London, United Kingdom

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The Fryer's Delight

London, United Kingdom • Recommendation • 15 June 2018

The Fryer’s Delight is the Fish and Chips shop of choice of London cab drivers, which is how you know it’s good. The no-frills eatery serves it up old-school: chunky battered fillets alongside fat fries, both cooked in beef drippings. Keep in mind that you’ll have to specify that you want your meal fried in the fat, or else they’ll just prepare it with vegetable oil.


19 Theobalds Road, London, United Kingdom

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Toff's of Muswell Hill

London, United Kingdom • Recommendation • 15 June 2018

Toff’s of Muswell Hill has consistently stayed on the list of London’s best chippies since 1968. The established family joint heralds the holy trinity of Fish and Chips: crunchy batter, juicy fish, and soft-centered fries. All that, plus a warm welcome from the house, and you’ll understand why it continues to capture London’s hearts and tummies!


38 Muswell Hill Broadway, London, United Kingdom

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The Golden Hind

London, United Kingdom • Recommendation • 15 June 2018

The Golden Hind has satisfied several generations of Marylebone locals, thanks to its grease-free battered fish, plump chips, and tasty mushy peas. Hit the unassuming yet always busy eatery to savor their delectable Fish and Chips. Grab a bottle of beer or a glass of fizz, and you’re golden!


71A-73 Marylebone Lane, London, United Kingdom

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Fish Central

London, United Kingdom • Recommendation • 15 June 2018

Fish Central undoubtedly dishes out the freshest fish, which you’ll taste from the moist, sweet, and flaky fillets of their yummy Fish and Chips. The Clerkenwell institution has barely changed since 1968, so expect some classic charm when you visit!


149-155 Central Street, London, United Kingdom

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Rock & Sole Plaice

London, United Kingdom • Recommendation • 15 June 2018

London’s oldest chippy has still got it! The restaurant-slash-takeaway has been churning out a trusty Fish and Chips recipe for more than a century, loved by loyal Londoners to this day. Situated at a charming spot in Covent Garden, Rock & Sole Plaice is perfect to have a meal in during pleasant summer days and nights.


47 Endell St, London, United Kingdom

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Oliver’s Fish & Chips (Belsize Park)

London, United Kingdom • Recommendation • 15 June 2018

Too much Fish and Chips may be a bit unhealthy, but Oliver’s Fish and Chips has the answer to your unending craving! On Wednesdays, the upmarket resto puts gluten-free Fish and Chips on the menu, which is a healthier, guilt-free option that’s still packed with flavor!


95 Haverstock Hill, London, United Kingdom

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