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Boston’s Old School Flavors

Boston, South Boston, Cambridge

In between pivotal moments of Boston’s history—from fighting for American independence to regenerating to a mecca of arts, culture, and education—Bostonians gobbled down Boston Cream Pie at fancy hotels, toasted Samuel Adams beer at old taverns, and cheered on the Red Sox with a Fenway Frank on hand. Take a trip down memory lane through the classic gastronomy havens of Massachusetts’ capital city, which have stood the test of disasters, constant cultural revamp, and rapid urban modernization.

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Parker's Restaurant

Boston, United States • Recommendation • 2 July 2018

The elegant halls of Parker’s Restaurant tell tales of the literary masters’ Saturday Club, John F. Kennedy’s proposal to Jackie, the beginnings of Chef Anézin (the first French chef in the US), and the work shifts of renowned human rights activist Malcolm X and revolutionary leader Ho Chi Minh who served as a busboy and baker, respectively. Bask in the nostalgic charm carried by intricate hand-carved woodwork and glamorous Waterford crystal chandeliers as you indulge on Parker House rolls, followed by a plate of Boston Scrod, and finished with a delightful slice of Boston Cream Pie—delicacies that all originated in the Omni Parker House joint.


Omni Parker House, 60 School Street, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

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Union Oyster House

Boston, United States • Recommendation • 2 July 2018

Along the Freedom Trail, you’ll find Union Oyster House, the oldest restaurant in operation in the United States. A testament of reliable Bostonian fare, the Kennedys frequented this old-school joint—Booth 18 is even named the “Kennedy Booth” because it was the late president’s favorite spot for Clam Chowder. The food is so-so nowadays, but come for the décor that’s reminiscent of a bygone era and stay for the historic charm that the place still exudes today.


41 Union Street, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

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Boston, United States • Recommendation • 2 July 2018

Marliave sings of an American dream come true. French immigrant Henry Marliave arrived in the country armed with a collection of closely guarded Francophile recipes that brought his namesake restaurant into the limelight. After weathering various storms, including a number of publicized raids during the Prohibition era, the old French-style joint has emerged as one of Boston’s best. Head to the black-and-white building on Bosworth Street for dollar oysters and clams (available at 4:00PM to 6:00PM and 9:00PM-10:00PM daily) paired with one of Marliave’s creative cocktail concoctions.


10 Bosworth Street, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

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The Green Dragon Tavern

Boston, United States • Recommendation • 2 July 2018

Raise a glass to the revolution—just as the Sons of Liberty did—at The Green Dragon Tavern! Here, Paul Revere overheard a plan to invade Lexington and Concord, leading him to ride off into the night (popularly known as “The Midnight Ride”) to warn fellow patriots to move war equipment away from the town. The elegant carved bar and dark wood panels may bring you back to a bygone era, but live bands and Irish bar bites inject modern American spirit to this historic Boston pub.


11 Marshall Street, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

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Ruth's Chris Steak House (Boston)

Boston, United States • Recommendation • 2 July 2018

If walls could talk, then Ruth’s Chris Steak House can spill the beans on over 30 Boston mayors that served in the Old City Hall where it stands now. Ruth’s Chris Steak House perfectly marries the Second Empire-style architecture of the building with exquisite bright interiors—the perfect setting for a slice of USDA Prime Steak cooked perfectly with the high-end chain’s signature 500℃ sizzle.


Old City Hall, 45 School Street, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

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China Pearl

Boston, United States • Recommendation • 2 July 2018

In the 1980s, locals would go to China Pearl in Chinatown for a quick fix of Dim Sum. While most of the area’s Chinese joints have disappeared, the institution has stood strong with the help of its old-timer regulars. Virtually unchanged, the bright red interiors still channel an Asian vibe electrified by an energy of Bostonian past. Slurp on some dependable Chinese fare, just like your forefathers did before you.


9 Tyler Street, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

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Boston, United States • Recommendation • 2 July 2018

For over a century, Durgin-Park has satisfied its loyal patrons with “Yankee Cooking” served with signature Bostonian sass. Get ready to fill your belly with a no-fail bowl of Clam Chowder, a Crock of Homemade Boston Baked Beans, and homemade Ground Hamburger Steak—established favorites at the the historic Faneuil Hall household name. Cap off the night at The Hideout Beer Garden with a cold one for a complete Bostonian experience!


Faneuil Hall, 340 Market Street, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

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Regina Pizzeria (North End)

Boston, United States • Recommendation • 2 July 2018

For a good slice of brick-oven pizza, Regina Pizzeria is the place to go! Dishing out red sauce-drenched flatbreads since 1926, the family-run Italian restaurant is frequented by locals and tourists craving for a pick-me-up. While it has expanded to numerous branches across the state—from mall food court kiosks to stand-alone stores—this North End original packs an unmatched appeal redolent of Boston’s Little Italy of the past.


11 1/2 Thacher Street, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

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South Boston, United States • Recommendation • 2 July 2018

The laid-back ambience of Amrheins will make you want to kick off your heels, loosen your tie, and just take countless swigs of lager from the first draft beer pump in Boston—which may explain why it has remained a constant go-to since opening in 1890. Generations of Bostonians have taken a seat by the oldest hand-carved bar in America for an after-work cocktail, a game-day refresher, or a plate of classic comfort food. For a helping of tasty Chicken Pot Pie, Lobster Mac and Cheese, or Baked Scrod, and a bottle of Samuel Adams beer, you know where to go!


80 West Broadway, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

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Fenway Park

Cambridge, United States • Recommendation • 2 July 2018

A baseball game always calls for a Fenway Frank; and, naturally, the best place to get it is in Fenway Park itself! After undergoing a facelift in 2009, the oldest park in the league also revamped its fabled hot dogs with a new and improved recipe from Kayem Food, its new supplier. The extra juicy, boldly flavored franks continue to draw lines during Red Sox games, with fans often gobbling up two (or three) buns every time. For match-less days when you just want a bite, the local grocery shop probably has a frozen pack of Fenway Franks available waiting for you to devour.


4 Jersey Street, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

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Abe & Louie's (Boston)

Boston, United States • Recommendation • 2 July 2018

An East Coast landmark, Abe & Louie’s is entrenched in Bostonian lives as the best place for chophouse classics. With over 50 years of quality flavor combos tacked to its name, the Back Bay institution cooks up more than 12 quality cuts of luxurious prime Midwestern steaks aged 60 days on the bone. In whatever way it is prepared, you’re guaranteed a perfect dish. To break the carnivorous streak, try Abe & Louie’s signature Swordfish Steak.


793 Boylston Street, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

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Boston, United States • Recommendation • 2 July 2018

Since opening in 1978, L’Espalier has stayed true to its fine dining roots, dishing out its well-loved French dishes made with New England ingredients. The original haute cuisine joint in Boston, the Back Bay icon features top-dollar tasting menus—particularly the Chef’s Tasting Menu—that are out of this world, seamlessly uniting flavorful food with an excellent dining experience. For a lighter culinary journey, head to the Salon for one of New England’s best cheese and wine programs. On the weekends, take a seat at the romantic restaurant for a pleasant selection of sandwiches and pastries, accompanied by a pot of L’Espalier’s signature brews during Afternoon Tea.


774 Boylston Street, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

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