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Frankfurt am Main

“Apfelwein” (apple wine) used to be a poor man’s drink. It was alcohol made accessible by fermenting one of the most plentiful fruits: the apple. The result is a vibrant, flavorful wine that reflects Frankfurt’s joie de vivre and exquisite cuisine. Apfelwein’s accessibility and appealingly complex taste make its enjoyment universal. Wine, dine, and redefine your taste with our picks from Frankfurt’s best apple wine bars and restaurants.

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Adolf Wagner (Apfelwein Wagner)

Frankfurt am Main, Germany • Recommendation • 4 months ago

Adolf Wagner’s charm comes from its loud and boisterous regulars. Wining and dining is positively casual in this energetic “Apfelweinwirtschaft” (apple wine bar). Get the Pork Knuckle with Fried Potatoes, eat it as bearishly as you can, then down your Frankfurt Cider. There’s no judgment here, only a good time with great people!


Schweizer Street 71, Frankfurt, Hesse, Germany

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Zur Buchscheer

Frankfurt am Main, Germany • Recommendation • 4 months ago

Zur Buchsheer’s apple wine is fermented the traditional way, resulting in a full body and a strong taste. Apfelwein has spurred many variations (sweet, sparkling, and cranberry-infused among others) because of its popularity, but Zur Buchseer’s cider screams authenticity. Take your time and really savor the flavors of your cider in the restaurant’s quiet and relaxed atmosphere.


Schwarzsteinkautweg 17, Frankfurt, Hesse, Germany

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Apfelweinwirtschaft Proletariat

Frankfurt am Main, Germany • Recommendation • 4 months ago

Apfelweinwirtschaft Proletariat is a good benchmark for what is quintessentially German. How the food is cooked, the large portions of meat and bread, the warm yet festive pub atmosphere, and the strong brews are exactly what you would expect from a local restaurant. Consider Proletariat a great starting point for exploring German cuisine and culture!


Dreieichstrasse 45, Frankfurt, Hesse, Germany

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Zum Schwejk

Frankfurt am Main, Germany • Recommendation • 4 months ago

Over-the-top, seasonally decorated, and gay—a cultural rollercoaster of an experience awaits at Zum Schwejk! One of Frankfurt’s neighborhood gay bars, this buzzing joint serves decent booze and incredible apple wine. Zum Schwejk knows how to throw an outrageous party without compromising good taste!


Schaefergasse 20, Frankfurt, Hesse, Germany

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Klapper 33

Frankfurt am Main, Germany • Recommendation • 4 months ago

Walk into Klapper 33 for the apple wine experience on a budget, eclectic music, and eccentric decor. The pub is practically a work of art with walls full of disarrayed vintage ornaments (and a functioning dart board that blends in with the theme). Prepare to be greeted by friendly staff and a laid-back atmosphere that will make you linger and have a good time. Their notoriously clean bathrooms are a bonus, too!


Klappergasse 33, Frankfurt, Hesse, Germany

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Apfelwein Dax

Frankfurt am Main, Germany • Recommendation • 4 months ago

A night at Apfelwein Dax will have you feeling like a local! Most of their waiters don’t speak English, so you will have the opportunity to brush up on your German. The restaurant is an ideal venue to meet with friends and colleagues, have a hearty meal with the family, or enjoy traditional Frankfurt cuisine solo because of the laid-back vibe. Tip: Try the homemade green sauce that goes well with almost everything in their menu.


Willemerstr 11, Frankfurt, Hesse, Germany

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Metzgerei Heininger

Frankfurt am Main, Germany • Recommendation • 4 months ago

Heininger is a budget-friendly, canteen-style restaurant that serves traditional German food and apple wine. Here, it’s all about wining and dining on the go. Lunch orders may be pre-ordered and picked up when you want, just let them know 30 minutes in advance! Whether you want to dine on-site or take your food to-go, you’ll be blown away by their dishes’ exquisite flavors.


Neue Kraeme 31, Frankfurt, Hesse, Germany

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Frankfurt am Main, Germany • Recommendation • 4 months ago

Atschel is a culinary paradise that only gives you the best from appetizer to dessert. The restaurant takes German cuisine seriously. Start with the Apfelwein and a serving of “Handkäs” (soft cheese) with bread, then indulge in the Frankfurter Butcher’s Platter, and top it all off with a plate of Apple Strudel a la mode. Take your date, your business partner, or anyone you want to impress here. Your taste buds will be busy and delighted!


Wallstraße 7, Frankfurt, Germany

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