(After) Midnight in Paris


Here you are—still a little intoxicated, trying to satisfy a craving, or just making the most out of your time in the city. Good thing Paris has its throng of late night restaurants to keep you company! Whether it’s a simple nightcap or a full Parisian meal, here are our top picks for the best after-hour sanctuaries!

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Au Pied de Cochon

Paris, France • Recommendation • 26 July 2018

Bask in the 1940s nostalgia at Au Pied de Cochon! It’s the first restaurant in the city to stay open 24/7, offering classic French fare no matter the time of day. Drop by this Parisian institution to try their famous French onion soup, before taking on a plate of their Signature “Pied de Cochon” (pi-yeh du koh-sho, pig’s feet).


6 Rue Coquillière, Paris, France

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Le Grand Café Capucines

Paris, France • Recommendation • 26 July 2018

Hungry patrons from neighboring bars and concert halls go to Le Grand Café Capucines to cap the night. The brasserie provides a beautiful Belle Époque-esque setting, filled with antique Art Deco embellishments. Notice the gorgeous stained glass ceiling, sidle up on a scarlet banquette, and indulge in a delicious spread of traditional French dishes. Feel free to take your sweet time here, since they’re open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!


4 Boulevard des Capucines, Paris, France

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La Tour Montlhéry - Chez Denise

Paris, France • Recommendation • 26 July 2018

La Tour Montlhéry - Chez Denise used to sustain merchants and workers of Les Halles, which was a prominent market down the street. Today, it continues to cook up French specialties like game, offal, and beef, but for a more varied clientele. Expect a jovial atmosphere, complemented by wise-cracking staff. It’s the epitome of a Parisian bistro experience, just after midnight!


5 Rue des Prouvaires, Paris, France

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Le Tambour

Paris, France • Recommendation • 26 July 2018

Le Tambour’s energy changes drastically once nighttime arrives. It boasts an eccentric charm, all thanks to the jumble of vintage decor that adorn the walls. Observe regulars, insomniacs, and party animals pack into the bar. Wine is cheap here, and the French offerings are dependable—making it a favorite haunt of the budget-conscious!


41 Rue Montmartre, Paris, France

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Paris, France • Recommendation • 26 July 2018

Located on the Champs-Elysées, L’Alsace is the ideal place to get a proper feel of Paris. The long-standing restaurant has been feeding a steady mix of tourists, locals, and night owls for over 50 years. Everyone keeps coming back for the hearty seafood platters, which are best shared with friends. It’s naturally crowded here during the day, so visit in the middle of the night—their operations are round-the-clock anyway!


39 Avenue des Champs Elysées, Paris, France

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La Maison de l'Aubrac

Paris, France • Recommendation • 26 July 2018

La Maison de l’Aubrac’s reverence for food translates from the farm to the table. The eco-friendly restaurant sources livestock raised on vast elevated pastures, whose healthy diets reduce greenhouse emissions. They even utilize solar-powered equipment to process their meat. Steaks are available 24/7—perfect for those odd hour cravings!


37 Rue Marbeuf, Paris, France

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L'Académie de la Bière

Paris, France • Recommendation • 26 July 2018

Make your way to L’Académie de la Bière for late night tipples of German ales. Choose from 12 draughts and over 100 bottles of beer, poured liberally in proper glasses. Skim through their food menu to munch on sandwiches or German sausages, all of which are served with a side of chips. Dive in, and let their savory treats soak up all the alcohol you just consumed!


88B Boulevard de Port Royal, Paris, France

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Paris, France • Recommendation • 26 July 2018

Hone in on L’Equateur’s one-of-a-kind African gastronomy! Savor Senegal-style Chicken Mafé (peanut butter stew), N'Dolé (stewed nuts, bitter leaves, and your choice of meat or fish) from Cameroon, or ever-reliable bowls of Gombo (okra). Pair your spread with juices from the country or a Flag beer, if you’re still up for it!


151 Rue Saint-Maur, Paris, France

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Le Rey

Paris, France • Recommendation • 26 July 2018

After a wild night, allow yourself to recuperate over a hefty meal at Le Rey! The 24-hour bistro dishes out generous servings of traditional cuisine from the Auvergne region of Central France. Splurge on Charolais, Aubrac, or Saler steaks; or settle for a plate saucisse aligot (sausage and cheese-blended mashed potatoes). Whatever you choose, your not-hungover self will thank you in the morning!


130 Rue de la Roquette, Paris, France

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Café Louise

Paris, France • Recommendation • 26 July 2018

Café Louise’s mix of bistro chairs, Chesterfield sofas, and retro paraphernalia gives it a cozy, homey feel. Even in the wee hours, you’ll still be spoiled by chef Jérôme Markovic’s Michelin Guide-recognized menu! Order the signature Foie Gras de Canard (fuwa-grah, duck foie gras), Louise Burger Charolais, and Tartare Traditionnel Charolais (traditional steak tartare from Charolais). You’re in for a late night meal to remember!


155 Boulevard Saint Germain, Paris, France

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