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Olongapo, Philippines • Memory • 

As a school project, I was given an opportunity to interview people from an indigenous tribe called Aeta. The entire point of my interview is how they are coping to the modern day and how they are able to maintain and nurture the culture that their tribe has and pass it on to the next generation of Aetas. These people live a simple and happy life with minimal use of technology such as mobile phone, television, and radio. Their village is quite modernized since there are NGOs who are giving them donations and projects. Despite living in the modern days, they make sure to teach the culture and practices to the young generation of Aetas to keep their tribe alive. The four/five hours drive from Metro Manila is worth it since I was able to learn a lot of things about their tribe since they were very cooperative and hospitable enough to give us more information than we needed. We definitely enjoyed our time with them. They are truly one of the greatest treasure in the Philippines.

  • Zambales, Philippines

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