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The Creative Block

Hong Kong

I spend my day as a painter, sculptor, and set designer-cum-prop stylist. Since I was 14, I have followed that creative flow through cities like New York, Tokyo, and our city of choice today: Hong Kong. With the world’s most famous cities as my stomping ground, I evade the creative block by wandering past the tourist spots into the coolest underground haunts. Follow me around the city (I'm dropping names!) to all the places where Hong Kong’s local artists go to hang out, let loose, and get inspired!

Updated 7 months ago

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Club 71

Hong Kong, China, People's Republic • Recommendation • 8 months ago

Tucked away in a back alley of Central, join activists, journalists, and artists in a round of Tsingtao beer at Club 71. The bar was built on the back of protest and politics, but it has remained a safe haven for happy times. It's a charming little spot I like best for its good beer and interesting conversations. Grab a plastic chair outside; the refreshing night breeze and yellow street lights ease you into a night of beer-fueled friendships. At some point, someone might even pull out a guitar for a spontaneous jam session!

67 Hollywood Road, Central, Hong Kong


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Bound by Hillywood

Hong Kong, China, People's Republic • Recommendation • 8 months ago

I adore the neon-tinted atmosphere of Bound by Hillywood. It is a bright beacon in the night, drawing out Hong Kong’s creatives from the underground. They offer some creative concoctions that use local rice liquor. My favorite: a strawberry, Wing Lee Wai Rice Wine, and Yakult combo called New Romance.


32 Boundary Street, Prince Edward, Kowloon, Hong Kong


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This Town Needs (Hidden Agenda)

Hong Kong, China, People's Republic • Recommendation • 8 months ago

Only bands from the underground, both local and international, own the stage here. The selection leans into punk and metal, but a visit promises a new discovery every time. Venture out into the mosh and bask in the earnest crowd as ear-ringing sound waves pulse throughout the venue. Indeed, this is what This Town Needs.

First Floor, Commercial Accommodation, Ocean One, 6 Shung Shun Street, Yau Tong, Hong Kong

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Mum's Not Home


Hong Kong, China, People's Republic • Recommendation • 8 months ago

Chow Kong-chuen left the fashion world with his partner, Makui Ma, and together they became the creative twosome behind Mum's Not Home. Every surface is covered in potted plants and quirky memorabilia—mismatched furniture, unique wall art, and vibrant rugs—hand-picked from their travels. Mum’s Not Home is an ode to all things eccentric and kitschy. Their menu is just as bright and colorful: Rose and Mixed Berry Cheesecake, Matcha and Taro Cheesecake, and Pineapple of the Sea Soda to name just a few. Order a slice and get chatty with the couple. They’re more than happy to exchange stories about their travels with their guests!


First Floor, 302 Shanghai Street, Yau Ma Tei, Hong Kong


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common room & co.

Hong Kong, China, People's Republic • Recommendation • 8 months ago

Sham Shui Po’s artists, coffee-lovers, and bibliophiles have Common Room & Co. as a safe space to clock in some creative time. Book B, a bookshop within, stocks independently published books. Downstairs, the gallery is always exploring the relationship between art, the artist, and the HK urban landscape. After wandering about, let the barista craft you a cup of their Common Brew or perfect your own coffee with an order of their Self Brew. Bring your own mug when you come in on Fridays—they don’t provide paper coffee cups on those days.


Ground Floor, 198 Tai Nan Street, Sham Shui Po, Kowloon, Hong Kong


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Form Society


Hong Kong, China, People's Republic • Recommendation • 7 months ago

A lifestyle shop of sorts remixed into a workshop and repair center, that’s only way to make sense of Form Society. A miscellany of music players, furniture, and timepieces are in a broken, preoperation state until specialists put their handy skills to use. Just hang out and watch the masters at work! The society believes in sustainability, so instead of pushing a lifestyle of fast consumerism, they take the time to painstakingly fix things by hand. The local craftsmen are always busy in the workshop, hosting exhibits, talks, and workshops on the regular.


186 Tai Nan Street, Sham Shui Po, Kowloon, Hong Kong


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Storerooms No. 3

Hong Kong, China, People's Republic • Recommendation • 7 months ago

Storeroom No. 1 and 3 are beautifully designed and curated brands; their Storeroom No. 3 is a serene corner that takes their “we sell beautiful things” philosophy and serves it on a plate. Savor a Rose Latte and order from their changing pastry menu—it was a delectable Apple Cake that ultimately won me over. Whimsical touches, such as cloud lamps, white kites, or wind chimes, hover over the room. Stripping back the distractions though, Storerooms No. 3 is a conducive environment to hash out that collaboration you’ve been wanting to do. The big tables offer ample space for a laptop or notepad to lay out all your ideas while enjoying a bite.


Third Floor, 44 Sai Yeung Choi Street South, Mongkok, Kolwoon, Hong Kong


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Still House (Lockhart)

Hong Kong, China, People's Republic • Recommendation • 7 months ago

To get away (but not too far away) from the busy streets of Causeway Bay, I go to StillHouse Lockhart. The café’s balcony hovers over the city below. Up here, the city sounds of alarms, shouting, and people, are drowned out and replaced by a serene white space and light wooden furniture. Work in peace and quiet, or mull over your thoughts over a nice cup of coffee. They take their brews very seriously, crafting each cup by hand.


Second Floor, 522 Lockhart Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

銅鑼灣駱克道 522號二樓

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Hong Kong, China, People's Republic • Recommendation • 7 months ago

At this studio in Kwun Tong, laziness is an art. Pay an hourly flat rate, bring a few snacks, and they supply the slippers, the hammocks, and a ton of pillows. The blinds are always drawn, and the walls are painted with a dark tint of green to help keep customers in a somber state. It’s this curious concept, a place to just “be lazy”, that really intrigued me.


Flat P, 10th Floor, Block 3, Kwun Tong Industrial Centre, 448-458 Kwun Tong Road, Hong Kong

觀塘觀塘道448-458號官塘工業中心三期10樓P室 (地鐵D4一出即是;出電梯轉右再轉右)

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Artisan Garden Cafe

Hong Kong, China, People's Republic • Recommendation • 7 months ago

Within Artisan Garden Cafe's shabby facade, it is very much a home. The café is known for its appearance in the movie “Love of the Cuff,” but its the charm, food, and service that keeps people coming back. If one of the beautifully designed mugs catch your eye, head over to the counter where you can try to buy one for yourself. They’re actually by Fire King, famous in the vintage world for their discontinued glassware. The owners are collectors, so you know they’re the real thing!


23 Po Tuck Street, Sai Ying Pung, Hong Kong


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