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My Boston Verdicts


My verdicts on the BEST of Boston 😘😋 after days of eating far too much seafood. Last trip was May 2018 for Celine’s graduation from Berklee! 👩‍🎓

Updated 4 months ago

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Saltie Girl

Boston, United States • Recommendation • 4 months ago

This wins my award for the BEST Lobster Roll in Boston because of the entire combination. It’s not just about the amount of lobster for me (James Hook has the most in each lobster roll) but the way the roll is put together. They do it with Brioche here and I love it. Didn’t love their clam chowder tho. But all their seafood was super fresh and everything (other than the chowder) was pretty fabulous.


281 Dartmouth Street, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

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Select Oyster Bar

I enjoyed the BEST oyster here, although worst service. So snobby. And mandatory 20% service charge. The waiter didn’t even bother putting in an effort in serving us.


50 Gloucester Street, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

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James Hook & Co

My momma said it was really good. Dave said it supplies the whole Boston area. This place is apparently legit for the fresh, steamed Lobster. Who am I to argue? I didn’t get to try myself, but it seems to be a favourite of everyone else around me! I mean it’s just steamed fresh seafood. If it’s fresh and you don’t oversteam, you can’t botch it!


15-17 Northern Avenue, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

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Summer Shack

Boston, United States • Recommendation •

I really enjoyed their pan-fried lobster in buttery sauce here. Dom preferred it steamed without being slathered in butter.


50 Dalton Street, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

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Legal Sea Foods - Long Wharf

Love. The. Chowder. Tried so many other places but this place is still by far my favourite. Maybe it’s a bit sentimental - tastes like the clam chowder I used to have as a kid. But Dom voted it in as his favourite in Boston too! So even baby me must have had good taste 😎. There are 3 branches. I loved the service we got near Chinatown. But the ambience by the Harbor is nice. Especially on Thursday nights apparently!!


255 State Street, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

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Eataly Boston

Something just wonderful about this place that’s always deserves a mention!! Legs of ham hanging from the ceiling, or big wheels of cheese stacked like nobody’s business... and good food cooked with great ingredients...


Prudential Center, 800 Boylston Street, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

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Wired Puppy Boston

Coffee coffee coffeeee. The barista here was pretty passionate. Can sit outside on a nice day.


250 Newbury Street, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

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Thinking Cup - Back Bay

Decent coffee if you need a fix =). It’s more of a “cafe” - lots of baked goods that are far too big and far too sweet. Only sad point was they are pretty wasteful. They put out plastic cups for people to get water... I had to ask for a real cup and they looked at me like I was a total weirdo for not wanting to add to the plastic pollution problem we have. Lost points in my book for being a very wasteful company, but perhaps if enough people ask for real cups they’ll do something about it.


85 Newbury Street, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

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Boston Common

So green. So big. So much history!! So relaxing and happy.

139 Tremont Street, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

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