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  • A personalized business page
  • Digital coupons
  • Encrypted chat

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Reward loyal customers
Encourage repeat business with

  • Gamified Loyalty Program
  • Business analytics and forecasting
  • Retargeting tools

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  • Lemi’s social platform
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Targeted marketing tools

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Our Story

We built Lemi because we want to live in a world that’s filled with passionate small businesses run with heart.

As globalization continues to make the world smaller, we find the same big brands on every corner, no matter how far away we fly. Meanwhile, unique local businesses struggle because they don’t have the resources to compete with international names.

These authentic local businesses embody the true character of a culture, city, or town. These are places where we create our best memories. Some are just around the corner, while others are on the far side of the world.

Remember those places where you discovered food that changed your understanding of a cuisine, where you met people whose totally different ideas made sense, or spots that helped you find comfort in the unfamiliar. These are our gems, and they are treasures that need our help.

When you share these special experiences on Lemi, you help local businesses thrive despite all the challenges they face like high rents, stiff competition, and unexpected economic downturns. You make it possible for them to gain new customers who are from other countries. Small actions make a huge impact.

That’s why we built Lemi.

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What you get
  • Gamified Loyalty Program with automated rewards
    • Searchable customer database
    • Full individual customer purchasing histories
  • Basic CRM (Customer Relationship Management System)
  • Dedicated Business Webpage
    • A customized website, designed for desktop, tablet and mobile
    • Optimized for search engines (SEO)
  • Dedicated business profile in Lemi mobile app
  • Sell digital coupons (3 slots)
    • Integrated international payment system
    • Accept Credit cards, even international cards with low fees
    • Lemi pays people for helping you generate sales
    • 10% commission for successful sales to Lemi
    • Payments sent to your bank account
  • Encrypted Chat
  • Claimed business label in app


For growing businesses

USD 20/mo

Billed monthly or anually

months free for annual (Save 17%)

What you get

All Standard Plan Inclusions

  • Advanced Gamified Loyalty Program
    • Customizable Templates
    • Point system and tiering options
  • Advanced CRM
    • Customized notes per customer
    • Reorganize, filter, and sort customers by category
    • Calculated total spend and visits
  • Targeted marketing and rewards
  • Reorganize your business webpage
  • 3 additional coupon slots (6 total)
    • Reduced commission of 8.5% for successful sales
  • Reports and Analytics
    • Customer segmentation
    • Aggregated sales and profits
    • Product-based spending and profitability
  • Verified Business recognition
  • Chatbot integration
  • Invitation to exclusive Silver events


For growing businesses

USD 999/yr

Annual billing only

What you get

All Silver Plan Inclusions

  • Guaranteed homepage business feature
  • Fully customized and whitelabeled loyalty gamification
  • Data-guided insights
    • Product and sales projections
    • Seasonal trends
    • Market insights
  • 100 coupon slots
    • Lowest 7% commission on successful sales
  • Dedicated 24/7 support hotline
    • Onboarding specialist
    • Account manager
    • 24/7 Tech support
  • Invitation to exclusive Gold events
  • 25% discounts on all Add-Ons

Optional Add Ons

  • Additional Coupon Slot
    • US$10 per slot
  • Full Branding Package
    • Photography
    • Copywriting
    • Complete Business Page
  • SMS Marketing
  • Onboarding Specialist
  • Sponsored Features
    • Featured Deal
    • Featured Business
    • Featured Business of the Month
    • Deal of the Month
    • Sponsored Business
    • Sponsored Deal
    • Flash Sales

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